My Family

My Family

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My Blog-A-Versary

A year ago today, I started my blog.
It has opened my eyes to the world around me...and I notice things differently than I did before.
I am so grateful for this means of self expression...

Here's a quick look back at my milestones and/or favorite posts from the past year.

Feb. 2006 Peace and Piercings
March Perspective on 6
April Amazement /Treasure the Temple
May Laughable, really...
June Lucky 13 / You're a Grand 'Ole Flag
July Remarkable, isn't it?
August Going Bezerk
September Solitude /Admirable Characteristics
October My Very Own Snowman
November Grandma
December Lucky #7
January 2007 Certifiable?
February Just Call Me...Fed Ex

Here's hoping the next year of blogging is just as eventful!


Papa J said...

1 year of blogging and I must admit that I've learned more about you through this format than I would have expected. Thanks for sharing!

A Payne said...

Happy Anniversary!

I loved your post one perspectives. You are right, it does make all the difference.

Dawnyel said...

YAY!! Happy Blog-a-versary!! :)