My Family

My Family

Friday, February 23, 2007

Counting the Minutes...

until my honey gets home and we get to go out on a date.
I am so excited.

I got a call about 1pm from out sitter, already lined up for tonight.
She had been sick and didn't want our kids to get she took it upon herself to find us another sitter, and was calling to make sure that was ok with me.
I love responsible girls.
It makes me VERY happy that I didn't have to call around looking for a sitter tonight.

And, did I mention I'm excited to go on a date with my husband??
I am, just in case you weren't quite clear on that.


Jamie said...

How'd it go?

Papa J said...


The replacement sitter couldn't stay as late but both K and I agree that anytime alone -- given the size of our brood -- is great.

Papa J

Dawnyel said...

Glad to hear the date went well...Dates with husbands are FUN! :D

Karina said...

I'm glad you have responsible people in your ward. If we lived close enough I would have loved to babysit for you! Glad you could get out and be alone.