My Family

My Family

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Trick or Treat

I'm sharing just the treats here honestly though.
Steve and Blue

A "Happy Monkey" (you can't see the costume though)

A clock.  Totally his idea, and he's known this is what he wanted to be for a month and a half.  Now, ask me when I actually MADE the clock.  Yep.  It was finished 30 minutes before we needed it. 

Tigger and a little lion. 
(These costumes have been worn by the majority of our kids.
I'm glad we have these cute faces in them this year!)

A Vampire.

Night one:  Princess Guinivere
Night two:  Ballerina
It made me laugh that she just NEEDED to change her outfit for night 2.
Come to think about it, Miss M changed hers too...we just didn't capture it in picture form.

AND, for the first time in years, P and I dressed up. 
Any ideas for next year?

I think the only trick involved in the Halloween celebrations this year was the sheer amount of candy that came into our house. 
I've got to find a nice way to get rid of a whole lot of it next year before it's all consumed by my munchkins (oh, and by me too!)