My Family

My Family

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Short Update

Our baby is now 9 months old.
He loves to wave to us, both hello and goodbye.
He has started crawling, army style and on all fours.
When he is on all fours, he does a little bunny hop type of moment to move forward.
It is truly adorable and unique.
Just this week, he started pulling up on anything he can reach.
He's so proud of himself...and awfully cute too.
These pictures were taken at the zoo last month...enjoy!

Also, while I had the camera in hand on the zoo trip, I tried a couple of artistic/nature shots.
We just got a new camera that makes it very easy to take a variety of shots.

I really appreciate your feedback on my blog...
I will work to get back in the blogging mindset and be a more regular poster.
Thanks for being loyal...and for letting me know how you feel.
Have a beautiful day!