My Family

My Family

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Craziness squared

Too bad there isn't a superscript button on the blog. I would have much preferred a small 2 behind the title. Today is the last day of school for my 3 kiddos in school (Stephen-5th grade, Emily-3rd grade, and Nathan-Kindergarten). Wow! This year flew by. Next year, my oldest heads to middle school, and my 4th heads to kindergarten. I am sure it will fly by just as fast as this year has. In the meantime, I literally have about 8 things to attend in the course of this week...and sometimes it will actually take splitting the family between my husband and I to cover all of the bases. I really hate it when we can't even sit down together as a family. The past 2 weeks, 9pm had been our typical bedtime for the kids, which is truly insane. We've seen the effects of the later bedtime on all of the kids. So it hasn't been intentional to ignore this blog, but my reality is craziness (times 2) right now. Summer should bring a little more until Friday...hasta la vista!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Laughable, really...

So, electronic bill pay is wonderful until it comes out on an unexpected day, a few days BEFORE payday! Yesterday was quite irritating...I was just doing a general check up on my account, when lo and behold, there was the account, in the red, with an automatic payment (which had been changed to be on the appropriate date) deducted on the former date of "disbursement". Of course, since I so readily clean out my e-mail inbox (about 3 times daily), I did not have the confirmation e-mail that I had made a change, and so the company that did the disbursing said, "It's not our sorry, this happened. You'll know better next time!" How maddening! A friend advised me to call the bank and explain what was going on, and lo and behold, I encountered humanity! It is amazing what a difference it makes when people actually treat you as someone that they might actually meet in real life. The bank manager waived the fees associated, and was very kind...even though she technically should have only made the changes if it was because of a bank error. (I think it helped that I said I would open another account there too!) She really made my day!
Fast forward to today...after signing to open the new account, I headed home, looking for a road that intersects the one I was on. I hit a speed bump, heard a loud clang, and lost all power to the van. Crap! What to do? Fortunately, I just sent in my membership fees for AAA (1st time member here...) and had a temporary card with a number to call on it! So, after calling that number, getting the van towed and calling a lady in my ward to HELP me by bringing me home, all I can do is sit and laugh. The van is already fixed (within an hour of getting towed)...waiting for pick-up, and I'm grateful it all happened within a few miles of home.
So, the lessons learned from this? AAA is great! Small towns have their perks (mainly the human touch), and sometimes, cell phones are invaluable. I would have liked to have a phone book in my I'll be putting one in it was, I could only call people whose numbers I had committed to memory, which isn't altogether bad, but had none of them been available, I don't know what I would have done. (Actually, I do know, I would have relied on my resident knight in shining armor...but it would have disrupted his work day, but still!) I am very grateful for all of the help I had today, and truly, sometimes crappy things have to become, well, just laughable!