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My Family

Monday, February 12, 2007

Catch Up/Catch All

So, some of you have asked why our road was so bad...
I have been meaning to post pictures for some time, but it was nearly a week after the mud that I finally snapped this picture.
The entire road was originally rutted at least this deep (hard to see with the shadows, but 6-8 inches), if not more.
After a few days, the middle (where everyone drives) got flattened out.
In our town, our roads are fairly well maintained.
It may be small, but snowplows still exist, even down in Southern NM.
We happen to live, however, 1 mile down a dirt road from the highway.
That dirt road is rarely maintained, as it is a private road rather than a county owned and maintained road.
Therefore, in wet weather, we deal with whatever condition it happens to be in.
Thus, when it snowed for a week, rained for a day, and then snowed again, it turned into a mud bog.
Quite the ride for a mile...
Just so you know.
Sam-Sam was interested in going somewhere I think.
He was trying to buckle his carseat straps together.
I was at Worldwide Leadership Training on Sat. morning, and came home to this.
He didn't wake up after I picked him up and moved him.
He was really worn out.
A picture of the attempt at geocaching with Grandpa and Dad on Saturday afternoon/evening.
They made it 3/4 of the way to the waypoint before it got dark enough that they thought they should turn around.
Nathan's bruise.
A rock was loosened by Thomas as he climbed down an incline, and that same rock came to rest on Nate's hand.
It was very painful that night, but seems to be fine now.
(Frozen veggies make the best ice packs we've found!)
The saddest part of that injury is that it happened about 10 minutes from the end of the hike.
(I guess then was actually better than having it happen earlier, huh?)
Grandpa's cowboy songs put Sam right to sleep on Saturday night.
We've transitioned Sam to the big bed in the boy's far, so good.
We'll be rearranging rooms...putting 2 boys in the guest room soon.
It should be interesting as we "Clean Sweep" our way through that end of the house.


Perry said...

AHHHH, your unbreakable code has been compromised! The secret identity of agent "Angle Face" has been revealed!

I am still jealous of your ability to see mom and dad on occasion. It has been one of the more difficult parts of relocating to the east. One question though, what is "geocaching"?

Gabriela said...

Both sleeping Bam-Bam pictures are adorable!

Kristine said...

Since my BIL asked in my blog comments about geocaching, and I thought some of you other readers might have the same question...I would direct you to my posts on March 18, 2006.

Also, you can visit the website for more information.

Dawnyel said...

I love the sleeping baby pics!! SO precious!! :)

SalGal said...

I am SO hyped about geocacheing! How awesome that you guys do that! We don't have a GPS so we do letterboxing. Same thing, no GPS. I wish there were more closer to where we live...

Your kids are so beautiful Kristine. How's the PG going?

Papa J said...

Cute kids...good life

Karina said...

Yeah Geocashing is a lot of fun, soory you had to quit before the end, though next time you can get there quicker. Last time we climbed a lot mare than needed but is was still fun, thanks!
( what does perry mean, Angle Face'sidentaty has been revealed?)

Perry said...

Karina, in the original post Kristine inadvertantly put Angle Face's real name in one spot. She has since replaced his name with "AF". The end result is maintining privacy but yet now making her brother-in-law like a demented kook. Not that that is much of a stretch in the first place.

Karina said...

I get it now, i just couldn't find if before and now I know why.