My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Growing Up

As time passes, I'm amazed at how much these kids are changing.
Stephen's first day of high school was July 29th.
Seriously? School starting in July? Crazy.

Emily started middle school here on the 3rd of August.And the younger 3 started school on the 10th.
I actually enjoyed the staggered start dates.
It was nice to ease into the schedule.

 Nathan is in 4th grade, and not really sad at all. I think he just wanted an expression that was different for this picture.
Whew...that's the least cheesy/fake of Thomas' expressions. Is 8 the hardest stage to photograph? I think it ranks right up there with 5 year old cheeser grins.
This girl, Rebekah, loves school. She has been asking to have her hair cut since we moved only took me 8 months to get that done!
This is after school their first day...along with some friends that they have known their entire lives!My first son to start preschool. He's loving it!
And, how can you resist that smile? He's got all of us wrapped around his little finger.