My Family

My Family

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You're a Grand 'Ole Flag

Last month, for Flag Day, our scouts posted a flag at the end of our road for us. That day, I ended up driving down the road about 10 times (which really is nearing a record I believe!). Every time I came to the stop sign, my heart filled with gratitude for our country, simply because I was looking at the beautiful red, white and blue flag whipping in the wind. Growing up in a small town, one of the things I liked best was the outward display of patriotism on the 4th of July. There was a big program at the park, followed by a free BBQ lunch, followed by footraces and competitions in the park, coupled with a free swim at the town pool, and then fireworks that ended of day in a spectacular way. I've never been anywhere that celebrates the 4th quite the same way! Experiencing such a celebration annually had a deep impact on this already patriotic heart...I am grateful for the land in which we live, and for the people who, even today, are defending our freedom and allowing us so many things we take for granted. When is that last time you thanked a man or woman in uniform? Attended a patriotic program of any sort? Said a prayer of thanks for this land we live in? Taught a child the importance of being patriotic? Talked about ways to show patriotism? Made a commitment to fly your flag on a patriotic holiday, or better yet, posted your flag every day? Find a way that you can show your patriotism to those around you! I'm looking for ways to teach my children the importance of the upcoming holiday!

As a fun sidenote, take this quiz!

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