My Family

My Family

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Good

I been counting my blessings the past few days and thought I would share them here:

1) The weather has been surprisingly beautiful for the Valley of the Sun in May. I expected it to be much hotter already...and have been pleasantly surprised that there is still a slight chill in the air in the evenings.
2) I love being closer to my sister and my parents in-law. I see my children benefitting from those strengthened relationships already.
3) I cherish the fact that we live only 45 minutes from the temple. That is a blessing I hope I will never take for granted again. Living 5 hours from the temple really helped me understand what a blessing it is to live closer to "The House of the Lord".
4) Although I only go once a month, I now can take advantage of Costco and all of it's goodness.
5) I love my calling. I'm the Wolf Den Leader for Cub Scouts (my first time as a Den mother), and I love that when I see the Wolf scouts their faces light up and they are happy to see me. My co-leader, Jana Chapman, is awesome too, and I still get to attend Relief Society!
6) I was asked to be the hostess for the May/June book club night. While I'm nervous a little to have people come to my home (the first big event is always the hardest for me), book club is a great way to do it because I LOVE book club and I'm very comfortable hostessing that portion of the the food, etc...I'll just stress about that later.
7)We have a new little neighbor in our tree right out front. We'll be watching this sweet hummingbird and her nest to see what happens. What a FUN discovery.
8) My little boys who are home all day with me make me SMILE. Isaac has learned to jump and hop. It is very cute to watch him grow and change. Samuel is slowly (with my consistent prodding) becoming less "wired" to the TV and/or video games, and is delightful to have a conversation with. (I'm sad he's spent so much time with "something in front of his eyes" he says. I know I needed to get things accomplished without having to worry about what he was getting into, but I definitely saw the effects of the excess televison on him.)

So, are you surprised at what the Lord has done for you?
Have you counted your blessings lately?