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My Family

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just Call Me...FedEx

It is heartening to know that I am not delusional about the condition of our road.

Today, I got a phone call from the FedEx guy.
This was, in essence, the conversation.
"Hi, is this Kristine?"
"Well, this is your local FedEx guy, and I have a package for you. The problem is, I just tried to deliver it to you, and got stuck. Someone pulled my van out for me. I'm at the end of your road. Would you please come and get your package?"
I started laughing.
"Are you serious? What makes you think I won't get stuck as well?"
"Don't you have a 4-wheel drive?"
"No, I don't (but I am a pro at driving this road, I'm thinking), but I'll try to make it down. If I'm not there in about 5 minutes, I'm probably stuck too."

A few minutes later, I pulled up to the now unstuck FedEx truck.
Picked up my package, and agreed to deliver one to our neighbor too (because I obviously COULD make it past that mud bog.)
No major problems...yeah, the road is horrible...but the wise know to stay in the ruts, no matter how deceptive they look.
It's when you vary from that hard-packed rut that you run into trouble.

Granted, sometimes the fishtailing that you are doing takes you off of the path you want to be on, but in that case, you just have to keep accelerating and not get scared and let off the gas.
At least that has been my experience.

Kind of parallels gospel living, huh?
Stay on the straight and narrow, if you find yourself somewhere you don't want to be, make haste and do everything you can to get out!

I have to try and navigate the road safely again when it's time for the afternoon bus.
It's a constant adventure.
Wish me luck!


Papa J said...

Not to mention that in some places the ruts are so deep that you can let go of the steering wheel confident in the knowledge that you aren't going anywhere but "straight" down the road.

It's not just FedEx that won't come down the road. We haven't seen a friend at the house since the new year 'cause that's how long the road has been a white trash $30 cover charge event.

SandyM said...

I've been waiting for a post for sooo long! Thanks for the update. Surely your road is drying up after two nice sunny days. I don't have the $30 cover charge. Sorry...I'll just have to visit you via a free post on your blog. Oh, and way to show up the FedEx guy with your awesome driving!

Sarah said...

He had you deliver someone else's package!? Now there's a man who knows the definition of humility. You were nice to 1) risk coming down and 2) finish his route for him. Did he at least give you some cute little delivery boy shorts to wear as you trudged up the icy walk to deliver you friend's package?

SalGal said...

I'm too gobsmacked to think of something funny to say.

Do they not plow your roads?