My Family

My Family

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


You'd be surprised how many times a day I think of you.
You influence me today, much more than I ever thought you would.

Growing up near you as a child was full of warm and loving memories and you were a much needed stabilizer in my life.

Do you remember:
*Sleeping outside on warm summer nights, on the outside bedsprings, watching the stars until we fell asleep?
*Teaching me to cook, first cookies, then cakes, and later, your delicious bread? I lost the recipe and kick myself every time I make bread that I didn't plan better and hang on to your recipe.
*Cooking so many meals for our family? I know you were a godsend to my mother...who struggled to have the sanity and the energy to do much after working all day to provide for her kids. Every meal was delicious...(you always said you had put "love" into it...and I believe it still!)
*Telling us stories at "naptime"? I was far too old for naps, but I would come and lay down just to hear your stories. I think I even fell asleep sometimes too.
*Picking up our mail every day? It was so fun to come check the piano top for our saved Mom an errand, and you and Grandpa were always so excited when I got letters from my penpals.
*Hanging clothes on the clothesline?
*Your swing?
*Your home? It became my second home too. It always was full of love and laughter. You welcomed everyone...and sent them away a little better.

It was hard to watch you as your memory faded...but you didn't forget Mom until shortly before you passed away.
I knew that you would know that we loved you and cared for you, even if you couldn't remember my name.
I wish my children could have had the chance to know you as I did.
It is one of the things I am anxious to see in the children, with you...learning so many of the Christlike skills you possess.

I named my daughter after you, Grandma.
Her middle name is Olivia.
I hope she chooses the paths you did, leading her to righteousness.

I want to know that I know you are watching me and my family.
I think of you often.
As I do dishes, fold laundry, and the other chores that seem mudane.
When I remember you...your smile still warms my heart, and I resolve again to be with you someday.

Thank you, for all you are to me.
Your granddaughter,


Karina said...

What a nice tribute! Well, Miss M sure seems to be growing up like you wish! You must be raising her right!!

Kristine said...

Thanks, Karina! It's actually Lucy that has Grandma Nielsen's name...but I concur...Miss M is growing up nicely.

bec said...

I'm bawling. I LOVE this blog & tribute to our grandmother. I'm contributing with a few of my favorites, too:

Do you remember always snipping some of the fresh blossoms from the lilac, apricot, or snowball tree bushes and having them on the table to smell?
Do you remember pinning cards, notes, and drawings to your dining room curtains?
Do you remember making hot scones with the leftover bread dough and eating them with butter & your homemade apricot jam?
Do you remember coming to the front door when you heard or saw us pull up, opening the screen door, smiling so big it lit up your entire face, & opening your arms wide for a hug while saying 'oooooh!'?
Do you know that your legacy & example & choices have forever altered & bettered the life of many? Especially your daughter Earlene, and her children? Were it not for you, we would have grown up somewhere else, somehow else. How I Thank You for your love & righteousness!!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful tribute. She sounds like she was an incredible lady

SalGal said...

I think I might just write one or two of these for my own grandmothers. Thank you for sharing this special woman!

Dawnyel said...

Awww! I love grandmas! This was beautiful!