My Family

My Family

Monday, September 23, 2013


For quite a while, I've been feeling prompted, driven, moved...whatever term you may use to limit my time on the computer.
It's an odd thing, really...because it truly is a rare occasion that I sit down to watch a movie...and there are no television shows that I'm willing to sacrifice my time to commit to watching regularly.
Put a laptop in my hand, however, and I'm sucked in.
Frequently checking Facebook and Pinterest...seeing what's changing in the online world.

Over the course of the past month, for the first time in 18 years, I've had a regular 2 hours worth of time that I have been able to spend doing whatever *I* want as my Natalie sleeps and all of my other kids are in school.
It's been AMAZING.

Suddenly, crafting at 10pm isn't my only option.
I've completed more projects in the past month and held more classes than I ever have before.
And I'm happy.
Happy, in an "I'm accomplishing something" sort of way.
(Not that raising children and taking care of their needs isn't an accomplishment, but it's an accomplishment that takes months & years to see the results.)

I'm not sure why it is I struggle so much with trying to follow what it is that I feel is God's path for me.  I knew 2 months ago that Facebook needed to be removed from my phone.
So I took it off.
And then I put it back on.
And then took it off again.
And then opened it in my Safari browser so that I could still access it easily, but not really put it back on my phone.
Hard-headed somewhat, wouldn't you say?

So, while I've been telling you changes were coming for a couple of months I've felt the Lord working on my heart, now is my time to truly commit...
First to myself,
then to the Lord,
and finally...because a couple of you asked about it, to you.

1) First and foremost, I will start my day with family devotional, family prayer (by 5:45!!) and then personal scripture study and personal prayer.
2) I will check my e-mails and Facebook messages second thing in the morning.  If there is any urgent business I will attend to it then.
3) If desired, I will spend about 2 hours in productive computer projects.  (These may include working on the computer...writing, organizing photos, paying bills, family history, even potentially blogging or scrapbooking in MDS...or other things I may not be thinking of yet) checking Facebook though.  (And I'm deleting almost all of the dozen blogs I've narrowed my list down to off of my bookmarks bar...very little take-away from the majority of them.)
4) After that...the computer will go off for a while.  I'm going to baby step toward getting my house in FlyLady's mission of the day will be on my agenda.

That's as far as I'm going to commit today.
I'll check in here within the week and let you know how it goes.

Wish me luck....and if you need me, call me.  :D