My Family

My Family

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sweet Sibling Moments

Yesterday, as I was unpacking the van from my first "real" grocery shopping in a month and a half (think massive amount of groceries), I left Sam and Bekha alone outside for a couple of minutes.
For those of you who have seen our home, you know we don't have the kind of yard you let a 2 year old out in just to play unsupervised.
(If you haven't been here, just imagine a multitude of boulders, rocks and general outside paraphenelia.
The front yard meets our dirt road, and while the road is not highly travelled, when it is travelled, it is generally at quite a high rate of speed.
There is room in the backyard for the kids to play, but one has to walk all the way around the house, and I can't see the children's progress around the I depend on the older kids to take Sam out whenever possible.)
The pictures above are what I found when I came back to the van between grocery loads.

Then last night, Stephen was practicing his bells...(6th grade percussion is very doable...just bells, no drums yet).
Within just a couple of minutes, this is what I saw:

I love when I see these moments.
They warm my heart, and make me happy.
Maybe it's just the absence of the media...or maybe, just maybe, somewhere I've taught them the importance of loving each other.


Papa J said...


That warms my heart too.

I also see a two year old that already loves books and music. Some of that is personality, some of that is a caring mother.

Dawnyel said...

Yay for the happy moments! :)

Sarah said...

I cannot WAIT to have this second baby and get starting with the whole sibling dynamic thing. It's must be such a precious gift to see them caring for a teaching each other. Yours are delightful - thanks for sharing :)