My Family

My Family

Sunday, May 27, 2007

No Joke

So, ever since I got back from Women's conference at the beginning of May, I've had a hard time *wanting* to spend time blogging.
I love to write, and have found it a bit odd that I don't really have the desire to come and share my (deep?) thoughts with you.
I'm not quite sure that I'm giving up blogging altogether, but I'm definitely going to keep my other priorities in the forefront of my life.
One of my biggest questions lately has been whether I am doing what the Lord wants me to say and do every day...and am finding more and more that I am being drawn to other activities within my home.
Therefore, while it's not good-bye, I guess this is a kind of a see you around...and hopefully no one will shed any tears in the time I'm off changing the world.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Missing Sunday

I wasn't anxious to miss church today.
Bekah has had a fever since Thursday...low grade, nothing seemingly serious...but enough to make me feel guilt-ridden for debating giving her ibuprofen and taking her to church anyway.
When her temperature once again registered, (at 99.8 degrees), the decision was made.
Sam stayed home with us...simply because it was naptime and he usually sleeps through the majority of nursery anyway.
As soon as Pat and the 4 oldest kids headed out the door, Beks, Sam and I hit the bed.
I wasn't going to sleep...after all, although my back had been hurting all morning and radiating pain up into my head, I was NOT going to squander my 2 hours of pure solitude (and besides, I had snuck in a quick nap during the boys morning shower!).
That was at 1pm.
I was awake until 1:15pm, when the even breathing of my children next to me lulled me into my second nap of the day.
I woke up after about 30 minutes, and debated for a few minutes as to what I wanted to do.
I chose to sit down and make some cards, trying to focus on peace and reconnecting with myself.
While I did quite a bit, about 3pm, I found I was sweaty and a bit shaky...with a headache creeping back despite the 1 tylenol I had taken earlier.
Bekah and Sam woke up about 3:15pm, and I put in a movie and put my feet up in the recliner and put my head back.
I decided I have a little bit of a "bug" too.
Pat and the kids got home about 4:30pm, and at that point, I had to lay down.
I hate to reclude myself to the "sick room" and feel forgotten, so I made myself a bed on the couch and stretched all of the way out.
It wasn't too long before I was completely asleep again.
3 naps, within about 5 hours of each other...and that was on top of an excellent night's sleep.
It's not a bad illness...just aching and weakness and a semi-persistent headache.
It could be worse....
My biggest complaint is that Sunday, despite my best efforts, still felt quite a bit like every other day...and I like it to be different, special, and set-apart from the rest of the week.
I often say that I need Sunday to "refill my bucket" and give me the spiritual strength I need to get through the week ahead.
I know I can find that to some extent on my own, but for now, just let me miss Sunday.
It's just not the same...

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Midnight Thunderstorm

It wasn't expected.
It was shocking, really, to be woken from a deep sleep by the rolling, intermittent thunder.
Lightning flashed across the sky...turning the darkness to momentary light.
Rousing me halfway from my sleep, I would become more alert each time the thunder clapped overhead.
In that state of illogicality, my biggest concern was that my visiting teachers would not be able to make it down my road today due to the muddy, slippery conditions.
It's funny now that I am fully awake (not rested...but awake) to think about what I worried about during the storm.

What worries you when you are woken unexpectedly in the middle of the night?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Women's Conference, Day 2 (and More)

I'm getting a ton done in my home, but the blog is being neglected.
It is interesting to me how much attending Women's conference helped me realign my priorities...

Day 2 (Friday)
This morning started out with a dramatized program talking about the theme for Women's Conference this year "For Such A Time As This" (based on the story of Esther in the Old Testament).
It was a powerful testimony of the importance of our lives and the things that we do every day.
I then headed to the mini-sessions, fully intending on missing the middle one so that I could guarantee myself a spot in two of the sessions I had chosen to go to Women's Conference for.
First, I attended "What Would Thou Have Me Say and Do Today?"...
It was good, but not quite what I had hoped for in giving specific direction on how to discover what the Lord would have us do daily.
There were a lot of general thoughts given...and it was inspirational...just not as specific as I would have liked.
I took the shuttle down to the Museum of Art after that session to see the art exhibit "Beholding Salvation" focused on the life of Christ.
It was beautifully done...I was glad it had been recommended to me to see.
(I did purposefully avoid the tour group and guide though!)
After seeing the Life of Christ depicted in different artistic mediums, I headed out to Jamba Juice :) and got a supplemental smoothie to bulk up my lunch! (Peach...yum!)
I enjoyed the sunshine on a bench outside, and put my feet up for a little while (ahhh....that felt good!), ate my sandwich and drank my smoothie.
Shortly thereafter, I headed to the last mini-class of the day, "The Power of Well-Chosen Words"...I was grateful to get in with no problems whatsoever!
I headed back to the shuttle lines (I had walked everywhere on Thursday, but my feet and body at this point was protesting the effort I was making it exert at 28 weeks pregnant!) and made it back to the Marriot Center for the closing session with Brother and Sister Holland.
This was my second favorite session...the story that the Hollands told about Sis. Holland's great-grandmother was very powerful...and again highlighted the difference one person can make.
(This session will be rebroadcast on the 19th of May...on BYUtv and at your local wardhouse...)

If there is any way possible, catch the rebroadcast of the Women's Conference on the 18th and 19th (from 2-6pm and 6-10pm).
Even if you can have it recorded for you and then watch it a talk at a time, your life will be powerfully enriched for putting forth the effort to watch and implement the teachings that were given to us there.

I headed right out from that closing session, just sure I would make it home in good time...however, traffic was AWFUL...and after about 30 minutes, I headed off of University Parkway (the main street to the freeway from BYU), and did a decent job finding my way around some side streets to avoid a stalled parkway.
I did just a little shopping and headed back to my mom's house.
I had a brother and sister in law and neice stop by for a visit (Thanks Keith, Gloria and Isabella!), and then ate a late dinner.

The next morning my friends and I headed up to Salt Lake City to attend another temple session.
It was packed full...and yet was another beautiful experience.
Afterward, we ate lunch at The Garden restaurant atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg., and headed down to the Distribution center.

We finished our shopping there and headed out for Park City...for some outlet shopping.
It was nice to be in control enough of my finances (thanks Dave Ramsey!!) to know what was reasonable to spend...and I did not feel like I was at all out of control.
I picked up some shirts for Sam, and some back to school shirts and pants for Bekah and Emily.
Other than that, it was just fun to hang out and window shop!
I was exhausted by that evening, but wouldn't have wanted to miss out on the day.

Early Sunday morning we headed home, making excellent time...(about 12 hours), and getting home before the kids went to bed.

Really, a lovely trip...
Don't know that I would repeat it again so pregnant...but once I am finished having children, I'll be asking to go again...and I won't be dismissing the rebroadcast that happens yearly like I have in the past!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Recap

It's silly that I don't have more pictures to share...but the weather was drizzly and wet almost the whole time, and I kept thinking it would clear for me to take "better" pictures.
I will know better another time, and just take pictures no matter what the weather is.

We left home Tuesday evening and drove to Flagstaff, AZ.
We stayed overnight in a hotel there...Ramada Inn (Grand Canyon West, I believe).
Honestly, it was a very nice hotel, at a reasonable price.
The breakfast was good, and the entire hotel was non-smoking, which meant no residual smells coming from anywhere.

We were up early on Wednesday morning, made a quick dash into Wal-Mart to pick up some forgotten or misplaced items, and were on our way.
We had planned to stop in Manti, UT on our way for a temple session, and made good time in getting there.
We ended up missing the 3:30pm session, so we ate an early dinner in the cafeteria there...yum!, and then went to the 4:30pm session.
The people in Manti were just about the friendliest temple workers I have ever encountered.
After the session, we were able to see the spiral staircases that are no longer used by the public, and enjoyed the history of the temple and the area surrounding it.
We then made a beeline for the Provo, Pleasant Grove, American Fork area, and got settled in our respective homes where we were staying.
(My feet were hurting so bad by the time we left Manti...a result of traveling long distances at 27 1/2 weeks pregnant!)

Thursday morning, my mom and I woke up early...Mom made a fabulous breakfast for both of us, and we headed out in the persistent rain for BYU.
Just as a reminder to myself, it is good to MapQuest anywhere you are going...regardless of how familiar you think you are with the area!
We were a bit concerned about getting to Women's Conference on time...but made it with just a little time to spare.
We ended up sitting just above and to the right of some of the instant choir members...slightly embarrassing, but we lived through it.
It would have been nice to have that posted somewhere at the top of the stairs!
The first session was given by Wendy Watson Nelson...and was one of my favorites.
It will be part of the broadcast on BYUTV, so if you have the ability to watch that, do.
We then broke into mini-sessions where you could choose what you wanted to attend all over campus.
I went as quickly as possible to my first choice session, only to be told at the door that the seats were currently full.
I was disappointed, but I was also the 3rd one in line, and felt fairly confident with 30 minutes before the class started, I would get in.
I only waited a short period of time before they let me in (Yeah!), and I loved this session too.
The next two sessions were good, but not overwhelmingly inspirational to me.
I changed my 3rd session choice to one nearer the 2nd choice, just so I would be sure to make it into a class!
That afternoon, I was quite tired and chose to skip Brad Wilcox's message. (It will be rebroadcast too...and I will make sure to watch it then!).
I went with my mom to visit my favorite Aunt and Uncle...and that worked out perfectly.
We then headed back down to campus for our "luau dinner" and evening of service.
Mom and I were both tired enough that we headed out fairly early...but still didn't make it home until after 9pm.
I was surprised at my stamina...but definitely looked forward to crawling into bed that night!

(I'll continue with day 2 tomorrow....)

Monday, May 07, 2007

I Met a Fellow Blogger!

It's funny because I had read on Kari's blog that she was headed to BYU Women's Conference (sponsored by our church)...but knew the chances of actually meeting her were slim to none. (I mean really, there were approximately 23,000 women there!)

I passed her once on the first day I was there, but didn't actually process it was even possibly her for quite a while after she passed me. (Besides, we were both running to classes and we wouldn't have been able to talk much at all...). Later that day, I passed her again and actually saw her nametag, so I was sure it was actually Kari (amazing what pictures on your blog can do!!)... ...again though, we were in a huge group of people, and considering the fact that I am very shy, especially in new situations, I didn't shout out at her there. I kicked myself multiple times on Friday because I hadn't taken advantage of the only chance I felt like I had been given to meet her.

Saturday morning, my friends that I had traveled up to UT with and I headed to the Salt Lake City Temple, with the plan to eat at The Garden resturant afterward. It was amazing to me to look up from my pre-lunch conversation with my friends and see her sitting just a couple of tables away, right in my line of sight. I knew I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to say something so I went over and introduced myself. We had a very nice conversation...and it was a joy to make a real-life acquaintance with someone else from the blogging world.

I really feel like there was a reason for me to meet Kari...given that I was given 3 opportunities to introduce myself to her... Thanks for being so down to earth Kari! Meeting you was definitely an incredible experience! My only regret is that we didn't snap a picture!