My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


It's so nice to know I'm not alone when it comes to needing motivation to get and keep my home clean.
I was able to score a couple of "quick wins"...things that helped me feel successful and therefore more motivated.

I did get the following things done (even with 2 sick little boys begging to be held most of the day).
Laundry sorted (yep, it's still piled up, but at least there is some order to the laundry room now)
Dining Room floor swept into the kitchen (It made a nice pile to sort through and have the kids pick up)
Pat came home and worked on the dishes until they were done...and that helped SOOO much!!

Today I plan to fold laundry, do the dishes, and vacuum.
I have 4 little ones who ran fevers yesterday afternoon and through the night, so my level of accomplishments will depend on their needs, but I definitely feel like I CAN do it today rather than not even knowing where to start.

Thanks for all of you words of encouragement and support.
It really does make a difference.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Neglecting the Mess

It's Monday morning...and usually I attack the weekend clutter and dishes with a vengeance and "tame the beast" before the week gets totally out of control.

Today, I just flat out don't want to.
I mean I do, but I don't know where to start.

That's a frustrating feeling...and I know it won't get any better until do something about it.
Any motivating thoughts?
Do you feel this way too sometimes?

Monday, September 22, 2008

City of Rocks

About 30 minutes from our little town there is a state park known as "City of Rocks". If we ever want a fun place for a picnic, or are looking for a quick day trip, this is often our destination.
On Saturday evening, we headed out there with Uncle Oliver and Auntie Laura for an evening picnic. These pictures capture just a little of the size of the rocks.
The kids climb EVERYTHING...and I've never seen one of them hesitate.
I become a nervous wreck once it starts to get dark though...I have visions of the kids misstepping off of a boulder and us having to rush to the hospital.
I love this photo of Isaac's feet and Pat's hands.
I'm trying to make sure I get pictures taken of myself whenever we are taking pictures.
This one is of Laura and Isaac and me.
This picture of Oliver is one of my favorite pictures of the evening.

It was absolutely wonderful to get away with Pat's brother and his wife!
The kids have already asked when we're headed back.
Anyone up for a visit? (We'll throw in a trip out to the City of Rocks too!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good for the Heart

It's always good to have time with extended family.

This past weekend, we headed to Arizona...Pat and the kids stayed with his parents in Kearny while I headed into Mesa to visit with my dear friend Susan who is battling cancer.

These are some of the pictures I took before we headed home Sunday afternoon.
Grandma and Lucy

Stephen and Granddad

Pat and his parents

Pat and his mom

Quick snapshot of me taken by Pat after I took all of the other pictures

Monday, September 01, 2008

Today's Work

I spent the day refinishing a dresser and bookshelf that were given to us.
(Thanks, Sandy!)
They started out bright red, yellow and blue, had a short period where they were primer white and then spray paint brown.
They ended up being a brown/cherry mottled color.

I am quite happy with the end result.
I had a few doubts along the way, and had to make a trip to the hardware store to pick up a few supplies mid-project (that's always a little frustrating), but at the end of this holiday, I'm happy that this job turned out the way that it did.
Pat spent the day hanging siding on the shed...and is exhausted tonight.
We definitely made the most of this day off!