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My Family

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just Wrong, or Not?

Tomorrow is Sam-Sam's birthday.
He'll be 2.
He loves the Nintendo DS that we got for Christmas.
He watches whoever is playing as intently as in that picture above.

That's actually one of the reasons I choose not to play too often.
I am such a perfectionist that I get irritated when he moves in front of the screen or sits on my arm so I can't move my hand quickly.

Today, I was looking on Amazon for a gift for him.
I actually looked to see if there were any DS preschool games.
Is that just a little messed up?
Thinking about buying a video game for a 2 year old?
I'm not convinced I think it's wrong...although I didn't see anything that would appeal to him, so we're saved from this dilemma in reality.
(Although had Little Einsteins DS been available that decision would have been made, hook, line and sinker.)

Off to find an age appropriate gift for my soon to be two year old.
See you tomorrow.


Dawnyel said...

My son is addicted to the DS too!! They really need to get easy games for little ones...especially if they're gonna make them so darn addicting!! :)

Jamie said...

Josh really loves his V-Smile. The ages are 3-7, but I bet Bam-Bam wouldn't mind that he was just moving characters around on the screen, Anneliese likes to "play" with Josh.

Happy Birthday Big Guy!!

Sarah said...

You know the old standard - everything's good in moderation. I'm sure he'd love a DS game as long as you have the energy to make sure he doesn't develop an unhealthy addiction.

I'm a terrible mom - my daughter's 2nd birthday was January 9th and we didn't get her any presents. Since she's the only child she wasn't expecting any and we just had a few of her friends over to sing happy birthday and blow out candles. My little sister called for days and days to see if we had finally broken down and gotten something but I never did. I'm going to have to keep this from her for the rest of her life lest she need some fuel for the therapist's couch.

Sketchy said...

It's scary how easily they pick up on these things isn't it! My 5 year old is almost as good at these as his older brothers.

Papa J said...

You know, at least its cute. And with enough repetition, were sure to ingrain some real social handicaps."

bec said...

Happy Birthday, BamBam!!

Sandy said...

Well, first of all, you're an awesome mom! Second, there was a story on the news the other day that according to the results of some study, video games are good for your eyes. See, there are some health benefits. Just wrong or not?...I say NOT! :)