My Family

My Family

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Our current caboose!

Born 07-30-07 at 1:18pm.
Weighing in at 9 lbs. 14.2 oz.
21 inches long.
We were totally fooled by this little boy...all of us were sure it was a girl...even though the ultrasound never showed anything definite.
We've named him Isaac...which means "he laughed"...and we feel like he did a good job pulling a practical joke on us.
We think it's one of the best jokes we've ever had played on us.
Total labor time: 7 hours
I am feeling very good...and home from the hospital.
I'll be taking it easy for a few days, but I'd love to hear from you.

You just have to love those cheeks.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Climbing the Walls

Friday afternoon I was crabby...literally feeling like I was "climbing the walls" (a lot like Nathan up there) playing the waiting game for this baby.

So, I sat in my craft room and made card after card with all of the cardstock that was already cut in half.

Here are the results:
This card features paper piercing with a "classy brass" template to get the circles at the top of the card.
These next 3 are colors I don't usually work with, but since they were already cut, I used them. I also used some of my new stamps (a hostess set) that I got from my party on July 19th.
It was a fabulous party, and I earned LOTS of new stuff!
This was my first time using a "jumbo wheel", and I LOVE how easy it is to get a nice, finished card with it.
I'll be using it a lot.
I love the colors in this next one.
I used a "double rectangle punch" to make the holes to thread the ribbon through at the bottom.
I also love the silver brads and the sentiment on this one.
This card was already mostly put together.
My upline gave me a bunch of cardstock, and this card was partially finished.
I added the stamped image in the center and the ribbon and buckle, along with the sentiment at the bottom.
It's one I really love too.
This card uses one of my favorite new sets in the Stampin' Up catalog...called "Baroque Motifs". I worked with the "In Colors" and came up with this card.
I'm pleased with the results.
I cut so much paper for my workshop, that I had leftover cards to make after it was over. This is one I changed a little from the original that I showed.
This was close to the original that I showed at the workshop.
I was focusing on chipboard and two-step stamping.
Oh, yes! Finally, the thank you cards I made in large quantities...for after the birth of this baby.
Three colors, and a nice size that fits in a regular letter size envelope (2 3/4" (approx.) x 11").

So there you have a good run down of all of the creativity I have employed in the card department over the last few weeks.
It truly has helped me stay focused on something other than the impending birth...which is a good thing.
Do you have a favorite? Would you like to come stamp with me? I'd be happy to share my craft room with you....c'mon over!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Already?

I'm having a hard time believing that it's the end of this week.
By this time next week, we'll almost certainly have a new little one here.

I've been nesting...gotten most things knocked off my mental list...and finally got 2 lasagnas and 2 chicken enchiladas in the freezer this evening.
The kids had to clean EVERYTHING this morning before any tv, computer, etc...could go on.
It took most of the morning, but the efforts are well worth it.
(Not that the house looks clean still, but you can tell it's surface dirty and cluttered and not the more major stuff.)

So, just in case you were wondering, no baby yet.
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter Haze

It's everywhere...
Few have finished...many are still in the "haze"...
just waiting to see how Harry Potter #7 ends.

I finished today.
I wasn't disappointed with the story.
I was saddened by the cursing throughout the book.

What did you think?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Funny, Isn't it?

(This picture taken at 36 weeks)
Everyone has decided that it is time to inform me that I now, officially, "look" pregnant.
While I try not to be to sarcastic in my replies, you would think that at 38+ weeks that one would not assume that I would look anything other than pregnant.

My eldest said the other night, somewhat apologetically, "Mom, I just have to say...(dare I say he inserted a pregnant pause here?) look REALLY, REALLY pregnant."
My reply to him?
"Stephen, I AM REALLY, REALLY pregnant!"

Presently waiting to pop.
Patiently, most of the time.
Official due date varies between July 31st-August 2nd.
Don't hold your breath yet.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Craft Room!

For the past few months, I have been working on making a room off of the master bedroom into my "craft room".
What a treat it was to finish it up last week.
It is amazing to realize that crafting doesn't have to be a chore...
Before, I had to drag everything out to the table or kitchen and set it up before I ever started...and then put it away when I was finished.
It was still worth it for me because making cards is such a good release for me...but I found that especially as I got more and more tired near the end of this pregnancy...I was choosing to spend time doing cards less and less.

Suzanne Dye gave me "organizational stuff" for my baby shower, and went with me to the local Wal-Mart to help pick our what I needed. Can I just tell you that EVERY night I have wanted to sit down and make something? And, it's EASY! I'll be doing this for a REALLY long time I think...especially now that everything has it's place!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Baptism Day

Nathan was baptized on Saturday. I love that he chose to join our church and desires to live the teachings of Christ.
He chose who he wanted to have speak, which songs to sing, and who would pray at the beginning and the end of the service.
He also requested a slide show with pictures of his life for the baptism.
It was a beautiful occasion, and very low stress overall.
(It helps that we have two other children who have chosen to be baptized as we are "seasoned" in the planning and execution of a baptism.)

Nate with Bekah (left) and Emily (right).
I am thrilled with your choices to live righteously, Nathan!

Feeling Abandoned

He just up and left this afternoon.
For crying out loud, I'm 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, and he's gone.
How's that for shock value??
My sweet husband is flying to Salt Lake for his parents 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday.
He'll be back Sunday afternoon...but we're saying strong prayers that this baby will stay put until he gets back.
Will you add yours to ours?
I know I could effectively *deliver* this baby (with help at the hospital), as I have had lots of experience, but my preference is definitely to keep things intact until next week.
Here's to a great trip...and an enjoyable reunion with his family!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Belated 4th Photos

We had a lovely 4th of July...
We started the morning with the yearly parade downtown.
Samuel literally ran in circles for 20 minutes before the parade started.
I loved seeing my family stand for the passing of the flag!
I love that our nation is free...but we must remember that we have an obligation to honor that freedom and not take it for granted.
It is also imperative that our children learn about the history of our freedom...and we are the ones who bear that responsibility to teach them.

The boys waiting for the parade to begin.

The girls (plus one...Hi Karina!). Our niece was here for the week including the 4th and Nathan's baptism.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can She Bake a (Cherry) Pie?

Last week I had the chance to bake...something I truly love to do.

We have "Daytime Enrichment" for the women of our area once a month.

This month was our congregation's (ward) turn to be in charge of the luncheon.

I chose to help with the pies...

Here's the end result:

These were apple and dutch apple, following my grandmother's recipe...although I missed the lemon that she used LIBERALLY!

I have never liked sweet apple pies, due to the fact that Grandma's were ALWAYS tart and these were a little too sweet for my taste...I didn't want to make a late night run to Wal-Mart just for lemons I made do with what I had.

Are you more of a baker or a cook?

I'm a baker...and love to make rolls, pies, breads, cookies, etc...

Monday, July 02, 2007


Saturday afternoon my husband got home from a week away at Scout Camp.
He had been prepping me all week that when he got home, I needed to go out and spend some time with my friend Susan, who was here visiting for the weekend.
This is very typical, and it raised no suspicion whatsoever in my mind.
It was a little bit difficult to head out within about 10 minutes of him getting home, but with the intent of just heading to Wal-Mart, I put on a clean shirt and headed out with Susan.
She had requested that we go and look at "just one house" out by my friend Kristi's house...which is very much something that we do when she is here.
(She used to live here in our town 20 years ago and thinks about coming back on a regular basis.)
When we got out that way, she asked which house was Kristi's and said she needed to stop and ask her a question about the homes in the area...but the house looked empty to me.
All of the cars were away...and the drapes were pulled tight.
I was sure they had gone away for the weekend, and Susan would have no luck getting her questions answered.
Lo and behold, we knocked on the door, and within just a couple of minutes the door was thrown open and a group of friends were yelling "Surprise!"
It literally took me about 2 minutes (think long time) to process that they were yelling surprise for ME (and baby #7).
I couldn't even walk in the door...I was so embarrassed.
It is very difficult for me to be in the spotlight...and this was no exception...but my sweet friends did a marvelous job pulling off a very fun and cute shower for me and this expected baby.
We've now got a ton of diapers and wipes, quite a few blankets and crib sheets, and numerous onesies, along with socks and outfits...what a treat....
and so unexpected for baby #7.
So, even though it goes against my quiet nature in general, I must was a wonderful thing to be tricked into a special afternoon!