My Family

My Family

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random ramblings

Plum Crazy

My friend Holly showed up yesterday afternoon with two big bags of plums she had gotten from a lady she visit teaches. I've never really been fond of store bought plums, so much so, I don't think my kids have ever even tried one. WELL, we've already downed one Wal-Mart bagful, and are starting on our second bagful. They are EXCELLLENT and very more-ish.


It has been raining for 4 days in this drought-stricken desert land of ours. 4 straight days, with little or no sun peeking through. It is supposed to rain again today, but right now, the sun is shining! (The constant rain has actually created major flooding issues...and we have a flood advisory in effect all day long today too.) The crazy thing is that it is supposed to rain all the rest of the week. I am grateful for the moisture...but not so much for the mud.

You mean it's actually not completely out of my realm to clean? Holy heck...she can be motivated and taught! Things actually look pretty decent.

Yard Sale?
So, against my former oath to myself that "I WILL NEVER, EVER IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE SPEND ANY TIME AND ENERGY ON A YARD SALE!!", I am officially trying (along with help and support from some others) to bust a hole in our "financial logjam" and make a little extra to pay down debt. We've set the days for this Fri. and Sat., so pray for sunny mornings.

Last but not Least
I missed blogging! I hope you missed me too!

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Pat said...

Holy Heck is right. Your the bloggin' maniac!

(And I love it)