My Family

My Family

Monday, August 21, 2006

Only 2?

I have 2 kids home right now.
I'm not sure what to do.
Bekah is 4, and will go to school next year.
Samuel is 18 months old, and currently my baby.
I haven't had just 2 at home since Thomas was born almost 6 years ago.
I'm a little shocked at that realization.

I miss my kids.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

You probably get out of school earlier in the summer, too. We go most of the way through June before the school year ends.

Enjoy your 2! That'll be me in a couple of weeks. :)

Jamie said...

It is strange having only two, but it was really strange only having one last year. It was very nice, though, since I was able to give him that one on one time.

SalGal said...

I must be a bad mommy... I did the happy dance when my 2 oldest started last week! I love, love, LOVE being at home with my 3 y.o.! And I get him all to myself this year!

Kristine said...

You're not a bad mommy salgal...I'm was just surprised I missed my kids at all. My older 3 NEEDED to go back in the worst way. They were picking on everyone in the house and not happy at all. They needed the challenge of intellectual stimulation! It's just an odd transition for me to have so "few" kids to take care of!

c jane said...

I think it's awesome you miss them...deep down, they probably miss you too!

SalGal said...

Mine misses me so much he doesn't want to go this morning. I've got the full-on guilt trip coming from him! Too bad, so sad... school today and every weekday!

itybtyfrog said...

I am loving having my two at home while my kindergartener goes to school. My baby takes a nap and I get to do pre-school at home with my 3 year old. It has been so fun for both of us to share that time together. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

surcie said...

Hey, Kristine! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your kids are gorgeous and I'm amazed that you have six. My son starts preschool next week and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself while he's gone. Maybe I need another baby! ; )