My Family

My Family

Sunday, August 27, 2006

You've Had a Birthday!

My immediate family of siblings is actually quite small.
I have one brother and one sister.
I also (now that we are all grown and married) have one brother-in-law and one sister-in-law.
They both will celebrate their birthdays this week.
My SIL (of 14 years!!) today, and my BIL (of almost 2 years) on Sept. 2nd.

I just wanted them to know how much I appreciate them as additions to my family.
They are good doobies, and have both loved us unconditionally.
Kori and Brad, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
You both deserve luscious cake, decadent ice cream!
Enjoy your days,
and know we're thinking of you on your day!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You are a good sister - I can hardly even remember my own siblings birthdays let alone the in-laws'!