My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fried Phone

This will be quick as I have company.

My phone has been dead for 3 days.
On one hand it has been really nice not to have the phone ringing.
On the other hand, it is a huge nuisance to not have the access to the phone when you need it.
The Qwest guy came and did the troubleshooting today.
Our cordless phone base has been fried by lightning.
It will be thrown away and I will use a corded phone for a while.
As much as that stinks, (it won't work for long), I'm glad to have my phone service back.


bec said...

The sudden, unexpected, and untimely death of your phone & phone service is a tradgedy and loss which is difficult to overcome and which deserves a tremendous mourning from all loved ones. Join with me in our grief-stricken chants.

Qwest-guy-didn't-fix-the proh-blemmmmmmmmmmm.
Stupid-phone-service-not work-inggggg.

Hy said...

Sorry for all your phone problems. Bec's comment had me laughing for at least two or three minutes. Thanks for the breath of humor and joy.