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My Family

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

True spirit of service

I called Qwest today, ready to chew out whoever answered the phone.
I was MAD.
Madder than I have been in a really long time.
It was 10 after 12, and the phone repairman had again, not shown up in the time stated.
We had gone without service from last Sunday until last Friday, and then lost service again on Sunday.
A grand total of 10 days without full phone service.

Within a minute of being on the phone, Melinda had not only reassured me that she would help this problem be resolved in a positive manner, she also hung up and called me back twice so that she wouldn't use up my sacred Tracfone minutes keeping me on hold. (That was actually HUGE to me!) She tracked down the repairman, gave me a timeline for the repair today, and gave me a credit on my account for the "service" this month. To cinch the deal, we had an enjoyable conversation and she ended it by giving me a contact e-mail to reach her *if* any the problems resurface.

She should teach others how to give great customer service!
She made my day!
Thanks Melinda!

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Anonymous said...

Well considering our family returned from Europe (Germany) were we lived for 4 years with the USAF, I initially thought the Quest request for a new phone line within 5 business days resonable. Then it got intersting... So the new phone line/service to our new (make that pre-owned) in Idaho should have been installed by the date they gave us. When it got to the install date @ 1200 I gave them a call, since we still were living in the house now for 5 days, without a phone (BTW, Qwest was the LAST utility to hook up). So I call from work, and go thru the maze of "press 1 for..." and finally talk to a person. Then they tell me that I have no order for my address, AND when they finally get down to it they DO "find" the order, but have my last name misspelled. Now she tells me that in order to get my phone service connected, I will have to wait 5 business days, did I mention that I already did? Oh yeah, now I'm hopping mad. This is the USA, 22nd century! I had better service with T-online and TKS. So I rant and rave and finally get my point across; I'm not waiting 5 more business days (It's a Friday, and thru the weekend)for phone service. OK, so later that day they do come out and hook up the line. Not that they need to do anything at the house, it's all done at a center. Now, my phone is up and running and my bill is in the wrong name (misspelled). I call the customer service center twice to try and resolve it. Not done! So, now I start getting junk mail in the wrong name, some of it XXX offers! Now I'm not a prude, but I am not happy that my "name" was sold. So I call Seattle office direct and talk to some upper level manager. He "assures" me Qwest does not sell mailing lists; really! Qwest is the only company that has my name misspelled!!! I threaten FCC action, and wala! my name is changed and I am removed from their promotion list (yeah you got to tell them you want off their list). Still, from time to time I get junk mail in my other name. Oh yeah, I had to tell them they need to change the name in the listed phone book!

Now I am a little tired of my old ISP provider jacking up prices twice in a year. So I call Qwest, and what a deal they got to offer! I can bundle my phone, TV and DSL into one package! Really, it does cost me less, but then factor in customer service. Direct TV, who I ordered from Qwest, fails to show up on the install date: no show/no call. So I call them (Qwest) and and referred to Direct TV, with my order #. Well, the customer service woman tells me that they will reschedule for another date, but since the regional office is closed I have to call them on Mon and find out why/when they will come out. Now I took a day off, I'm salery for the goverment, but the taxpayers didn't get their money's worth. Now I got to take another day? So I call and leave a message at the regional office, no call back. So I call Direct TV again, and get them to comp me $20 on the install; WOW! Then, come to find out the regional failed to order the satellite routers and didn't have a ship date. Poor planning in our growing community. Of course, Qwest will not help, as Direct TV is not a subsidary, Qwest just provides billing for Direct TV. So after 3 weeks of no TV/DSL we finally got it all up and running. Their customer service stinks when you have a problem!