My Family

My Family

Thursday, March 22, 2007


"This is a fire rainbow - The rarest of all occuring atmospheric phenomena.
(Picture captured this week on the Idaho/Washington border). The event lasted about 1 hour.
Clouds have to be cirrus, at least 20K in the air, with just the right amount of ice crystals, and the sun has to hit the clouds at exactly 58 degrees.
I say its God's handiwork . Very beautiful sight!"
(quoted from an e-mail I received today)

I have to agree. God's work is amazing.


SalGal said...

That is incredible! How lucky to have been at the right place at the right time to capture that!

Sarah said...

I wish I could have seen it! I've never heard of this phenom. but the picture is breathtaking. Thanks for posting :)

Janell said...

It's always comforting to see a rainbow, and that one is gorgeous! It looks like a painting.