My Family

My Family

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Testaments of One Fold and One Shepherd

Last week, when I was headed home from Phoenix, I stopped at Deseret Book to get some pictures of Christ for some Primary children.
They only had 4 of the picture I wanted, and the man behind the counter suggested I stop over at the small distribution center near the temple to see if they had more copies of the same picture.
(For the record, Distribution had them for $.10, whereas they were $.50 at Deseret.)
While I was there, I saw that "The Testaments" had been released on DVD.
I had seen it in April of 2003 when I went to General Conference with the Young Women I was serving at that time.
It was powerfully amazing at that point in my life, and I truly wanted my family to see it and feel the power of the Spirit that this film brings so beautifully to those who see it.
My family watched it in Mesa in 2005 at the visitors center near the temple there...while I was in a session at the temple...but I hadn't watched it again until Family Home Evening tonight.
We made an admendment to our no tv rule tonight, and put this in right after dinner...
By the time it was near the end, everyone was wholly engaged...and emotional.
I spent a few minutes afterward bearing my testimony, and even Nathan, our shyest son, asked for time to bear his testimony before family prayer.
Pick up a copy ($4.50 from Distribution/free shipping), or borrow a copy from your nearest meetinghouse library.
It is powerful.


SalGal said...

How funny that you should post this today... Honey and I were talking just last night about how we wanted to find out where the DB in Sacramento is so we can pick one up when we're there this Saturday!

Gabriela said...

thanks for the suggestion! we haven't seen it.