My Family

My Family

Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Growth Spurt!

Bekah had a dance performance tonight.
The last performance she had was in December,and we were reminded shortly before the performance to check and make sure their costumes fit.
Not a problem.
Although I thought it might be getting small, when she tried it on in December, it still came to her knees.

While that's not my favorite length, at the ginormous cost of a costume worn once or twice every 3 months, I'm willing to make it work for a while.

I didn't even think about trying it on her for this upcoming performance!
Tonight, she came out, ready to be buttoned in back...and her dress was halfway up her thighs.
Thank goodness for the bloomers underneath!
Honestly, she's grown at LEAST 3 inches in 3 months. And while I've noticed some of her pants had gotten too short, I hadn't stopped to think about measuring her.

That's a growth spurt.
She'll be getting a new costume...just in case you weren't sure.


Sarah said...

When are bloomers going to come back in style for us big kids? She looks adorable!

sheri said...

Holy growth spurt!
(and are those Sunshine Generation costumes?!)

Papa J said...

Her mind is expanding just as much as her legs are. She sure did great at the performance the other night too.

Sketchy said...

Wow that's a lot of growing! I'm surprised her legs weren't hurting her growing that fast.

PS: Have you suggested that parents could donate back outgrown still good condition dresses? Then maybe the cost wouldn't be quite such an issue.

Kristine said...

Sarah--any baby news yet?? I'll send some bloomers over if it's a girl!

Sheri--Yup...Sunshine Generation at it's best! Do you have connections to SG?

Papa J--You're right...she rocked the house.

Sketchy--We do buy the costumes used...but it's still $35, and when I get everything (regular clothing) they wear on clearance or secondhand, it's a bitter little pill to swallow.

Janell said...

Those costumes look like those of Sunshine Generation. That brings back memories =) I detest singing and dancing these days, but I didn't mind the limelight one bit as a kid. Good luck managing the growth spurts vs the clothes lengths!