My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blog Ignored

1 pregnant mom + 1 ward sister (Suzanne Dye) willing to help with housework (which means I work hard too) + 1 cardmaking class + 1 nasty stomach flu virus = 1 Blog ignored

I'm hoping next week isn't quite as crazy.


karina said...

It is okay to be ignoring you're blog for a little while, especially with all those factors factoring in. (But we stilll ,iss you!!!!!) (have you picked a name for the baby yet?)

Kristine said...

No name yet...we're not sure if it is a boy or girl yet.

Our options are many for a girl...but we haven't discussed any for a boy...

Here's a few of our girl choices:
Abigail Kathryn
Rachel Elisabeth
Leah Marie
Gertrude Shamalayah
Mergatroyd Esther
(or any mixture of the above)

I like Andrew, Michael, and Matthew for boys...but we really haven't discussed middle names, etc...

We'll keep you posted though!