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My Family

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Reading

I spent my 2nd day with the stomach flu here at home today.
After a long nap, I got up and started some reading...trying to eke some spirituality out of the day.

I had never finished the majority of the articles in the February 2007 Ensign.
I have a tendendcy to skim over the Ensign when it arrives and read anything that jumps out of me at that point, and then I put it aside for "another time" (which seldom presents itself).

Three articles in particular stood out to me:

The Good Samaritan:
Forgotten Symbols
John W. Welch
Lessons from the New Testament:
Turning the Other Cheek
H. Bryan Richards
“My Ways Are Not Your Ways”
Clayton M. Christensen

These are definitely thought provoking articles.
I enjoyed the points that were focused on...and plan on reading my Ensign a little more completely in the future.

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Papa J said...

I see you've been sharpening your sword. Thanks for sharing.