My Family

My Family

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Quandry

To Upgrade Dish or not to Upgrade Dish...

We've debated for a long time about getting a DVR...and it would actually be cheaper to go with Direct TV in the short run...but I really like the format of the guide on Dish.
The quandry is that we aren't watching a family, on school nights, so it's after the kids are in bed that we turn it on (although I do end up recording American Idol two nights a week...I can't miss that!).
I love Food TV, The Learning Channel, and Pat loves The History Channel and Sci-Fi.
My little ones love Nick Jr. and Little Einsteins on Disney Channel, none of which we now get because we are striving to be true tightwads, so we just pay a $5 access fee and $5.99 per month (plus tax) for our local channels.
It's a steal at $12.59 per month.
But...I miss the upgrades, the "extra" channels...the ability to zone out to the tune of Good Eats.

Honestly, I know the answer, but I don't want to do it.
With our debt snowball hanging inside of the cabinet directly behind me, I should just stick out the locals for another year and a half...after which time we will have all debt other than house or car paid off...and I can choose whatever option I want with no guilt.

Just remind me it's worth it.
That listening to the prophet is worth it, and getting out of debt is paramount.
That I really don't need a DVR in my house...
That I can do without Food Network for another year and a half.
That I don't need to watch an episode of "What Not to Wear" to get applicable fashion tips for my life, tomorrow.

So, weigh in...
Give a me your opinion...
Let me know where you stand.
I'll be waiting anxiously to have you influence me.


Sandy said...

Well I'd say you're a brave soul to endure Good Eats? I love that show! I could always tape a few episodes for you. Do you still have VHS? :) I for one am not that strong. Before bed, after a long day at work, I need to zone out. HGTV and the Food Network do it for me. You've already started to kick the habit. Keep going! Besides, you've got P for entertainment! Make him read to you or something. I know this doesn't help, but know that I'm rooting for you!

SalGal said...

I went without any and all T.V. for a whole, solid year. Thank God Ronald Reagan died just days before the cable was turned off! I miss that man...

At any rate, I have MAJOR issues with paying for TV that is free to everyone else in the universe. I think all sattelite/digitalcable/whateverelsethereis companies should provied the local standards (NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and FOX) free of charge. It should be mandatory. How in the heck else will we know when the other side of the world has been blown to bits before the fallout hits?

I LOVE T.V.!!! That's why we had to turn the cable off. And since we live in an apartment, there's virtually no reception here. I barely get ABC & CBS, although my life would be absolutely perfect if I could have NBC on Wednesday nights and FOX on whatever nights "House" and "24" are on. See, even with my two lame little network channels, I still find myself watching too much TV!

So anyway, You can do it! Go that extra 18 months!! I know it's hard, I used to worship at the altar of the Food Network and TLC and the Discovery Channel, but I'm semi-reformed now and you can be too.

Lots of love!

bec said...

In high school for me when Hyrum was on his mission & you were in college, mom turned off the cable in order to pay for things that really mattered. Which meant that ALL the channels were turned off since we lived in super-small-town, USA. I will never forget Shelly Mangum recording shows for me every week so that I would have some CLUE as to what every other 9th grader was talking about when they discussed TV show characters and storylines. I have no idea WHY she volunteered to do it for me, but I look back on it now as one of the kindest, most applicable, rather silly, & greatly appreciated acts of service. Small things can make such a difference!
Point being, while someone might not volunteer it, you can definitely check with friends & family (HI!!) to see if we could fill up an occasional tape of some of your favorite shows. In fact, scratch that 'not volunteering' thing. I'M volunteering!! By next weekend when I come to visit you, I will have at least 1 tape ready to be watched at your leisure.
: ) I Love you, sis!