My Family

My Family

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It's funny how much we pride ourselves on being "self-reliant".
It's a wonderful thing to be in a place where you don't really have to depend on anyone else...

Sometimes though, I think we become too independent and tend to push others away.
Many of the sisters I talk with are actually quite lonely...but not quite sure how to reach out to the others around them.

This week, my van has been at the body shop (getting the lock fixed from the break-in in OCTOBER...and no, I did not purposely procrastinate getting it in).
I have had to rely on my friends and ward sisters to help me with getting the kids to school, and home from school.
Typically, it stresses me out immensely to have to ask for help...but this time, I've just been hugely grateful that people are willing to help me and my family out.

I'll be calling the body shop here in a few minutes...hopefully, the van is done...but truly, this has been a blessing for me to humble myself enough to rely on others.
The Lord has given me lots of opportunities lately to be humbled, and instead of feeling frustrated, I feel blessed.
I'm grateful for the perspective of makes my heart happy.
I truly am reliant on God...for everything.


SalGal said...

Years back in our first CA ward, I remember a lesson on (I'm guessing) service. There was a sister who had been through something tough and hadn't said anything to anyone. When the RS Presidency later found out, one of them said to her, "How dare you deny your sisters the blessings that come from doing service? It's not just about you and the blessings you receive."

Or something like that. I think of that story all the time when I need help. It's what enabled me to let go of my pride and ask for help after my last son was born. I'd been in a car accident (that's what sent me into labor!) and couldn't get up for anything it hurt so bad.

Anyway, I'm glad you are letting people serve you. And I hope your van is fixed now!

Heather said...

You always have such a good outlook on things. You're amazing.

Amanda said...

Great post! Sometimes it takes moments when we have no choice but to ask for help from others for us to realize what a blessing it is to be self reliant. It is hard to ask for help, but like salgal said service goes both ways.

Dawnyel said...

Thanks for this reminder. Somedays I'm too independent!! We really do need to remember that we can't do everything on our own!

Sarah said...

Guilty, guilty, guilty.

I don't have anyone to take my two year old when I go to the hospital to have my baby this month. I keep hoping someone will just think to volunteer. So far, no luck. My husband keeps getting on me for not just asking someone but I feel it's such a huge imposition. I can't imagine anyone would want to be "blessed" with taking care of a wild toddler for two days.

But as you say in your post, it's a humility thing and I should just pick a random name in the ward directory and make the call. Why is this so hard for me?