My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Taking It For Granted

I've been thinking a lot today about my health.

It seems like it takes a challenge sometimes to help us see the blessings in our lives.
The fact that my family and I are healthy and able to function with ease is miraculous.

Most of us take our health for granted, until we are caught in a place where we are forced to re-evaluate, like I was yesterday.
I spent a little time wondering what would cause such a violent recurrence of dizziness, and the thought of dealing with such a debilitating health issue was overwhelming when I thought about dealing with it long term.
I'm so grateful that it was a short term trial this time.

We are blessed more than we realize.
Even when we stuggle with mental, emotional, or physical issues, overall, we have the resources we need and the help available when it is needed.
Truly, we are a blessed people.


Hy said...

Health is easy to take for granted. It's one of those things that you don't really notice until it has been taken away. What a great blessing are those who we love and serve, who in our time of need love and serve us. It really gives us a glimpse of what a Zion society can be. May you continue to feel better.

sheri said...

I try to pray for health and show my gratitude for our health daily. It is SO important, isn't it?! I suffer from migraines (like today...puking for 8 hours straight, all while watching my 13 month old daughter. weee!) and while the Rx I have usually works, sometimes it doesn't. Those days are horrible! But each and every time, I'm so incredibly grateful AFTER it's over for how good I feel. Opposition in all things, eh? It truly does help us remember how blessed we are.