My Family

My Family

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

But I'm not Blond (Anymore!)

Twice in the past week I have been dizzy.
Horribly, insanely, disgustingly dizzy beyond description.

So much so that I could not function.

It sounds like a cop-out...dizzy day=lazy, lay on the couch and don't do anything at all day.

It's not.
It's awful.

Last Tuesday, I thought it was some kind of flu and by Thursday felt much better.
Yesterday morning I got scared.
It was worse than the week before.
I threw up and couldn't even sit up.
I called a friend of mine to come help with the kids, because as much as my kids like to watch TV, it's just not safe for a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old when momma is totally not functional.
She insisted that I call the doctor and be seen.
She drove me there and took care of my kids while the nurse practioner scratched her head and basically looked at me helplessly.

They did lots of tests...all of the preliminary ones were negative (including the always run pregnancy test when you are sexually active).
The blood tests results will be back today or tomorrow, and I am sure they will tell me my cholesterol is high, and I need to go on a diet.
I'm ok with that, I can do that and need a kick in the rear to get that under control...but what would I do if I were perpetually dizzy daily?
I wouldn't be able to function within any of my duties as a mom or wife or housekeeper.
I would be totally reliant on others to transport me and my family places...
It was just flat out rough.

Most of the time I consider myself pretty tough.
Pain doesn't phase me too much, and I can endure aches and pains with the best.
But dizziness, please, don't come my way again.
My world literally spins out of control when you visit.
And quite frankly, I'm tired of you.

It was our home teacher (a pharmacist) who recommended an antihistimine to clear any congestion that had potentially gathered in my inner ear and disrupted my equilibrium.
It worked great...very quickly....not that I felt 100%, but I could feel a difference.
And while I am tired today, I'm functional.
I'm counting it a huge blessing.
There is no other way to see it.

It is amazing to know that our network, built through loving relationships with people in our ward family, is a literal safety net in difficult situations.
I am so grateful for a handful of those people today.
My friend and visiting teacher who took me to the doctor, watched my children for the day, and offered to bring in dinner.
Another friend who not only brought my kids home from the bus stop (1 mile + away), but also gave me an awesome foot rub with oils, loaded my dishwasher and cleaned a kitchen counter off.
And, my home teacher, for sharing his knowledge with me!
All of these people have helped me tremendously...
And I literally thank the Lord for them today.


Kristi Brooke said...

oh as someone who deals with lots of sickness, i feel your pain.

hang in there and i hope you feel better!

Kori said...

I wish I was there.

Gabriela said...

Wow, you have some nice people in your ward! That's wonderful.

I have only a little experience with dizziness and from what I've experienced, it is no fun at all.

Hope the decongestant continues to work.

Kristine said...

All--I am actually doing great today. Who knew an antihistimine would do such a great job??

Kristi--I am sorry that you deal with sickness a lot. It's not fun at you have something chronic, or just get a lot of illnesses?

Kori--I would definitely rely on you if you were here. Thanks for the wish.

Gabriela--I've never dealt with dizziness like this before either. Believe me, it is relentless. And you're right, I do have some really nice people in my ward!