My Family

My Family

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Case of the Stripes

I snapped this the other night...just for fun as we were having a striped pajama party.
These pajamas and these faces always make me smile!


SalGal said...

Well somebody likes the Hannah Anderson catalog! Or is it Land's End? ;)

Kori said...

Man, those are some cute kids!! Who couldn't love them.

Kristine said...

Sal--they are actually Children's Place (last year at Christmas time...). Even though I like Hanna and Land's, I can't rightly afford them. These were $12.50 per set near Christmas...and "Santa" always brings a set of pajamas. These just happened to match...which I find annoyingly cute.

Kor--you're right...they are easy to want to squeeze!

Téa said...

The stripes are very striking =)

sheri said...

rofl! As soon as I saw the picture I said "sweet! someone else loves TCP!"

Amanda said...

What an incredibly adorable bunch! And what a cute idea too! We give our kids new pajamas every Christmas Eve, and I think I love this idea of matching!