My Family

My Family

Friday, September 22, 2006

Random Acts of Friendship

So I started thinking today...when is the last time I did a random act of kindness or friendship for someone?

I've had 4 such acts this week, and it just makes my heart happy!!
My friend and visiting teacher brought in dinner unexpectedly on Wed. night when Pat had Scouts/Mutual and I was recuperating from some random bug.
I got a phone call from a friend (at work), sneaking in a little time to call me before she headed off to take care of her mom this weekend.
Another friend called out of the blue at 11:30am and said, "Come over for lunch, right now!", and I did, and we had a great time.
Another friend called making birthday dinner or lunch plans to celebrate my birthday next week.

All of these were simple things, and yet they brought such sunshine to my heart!

I need to "Pay It Forward", and make sure I am brightening other people's lives too.
Can you bring happiness to others in simple ways?
Look for the opportunities around you, I am sure they are there.


Dawnyel said...

I've been the recipient of those random acts, but I feel like I'm so inadequate to pay it forward. I think I should try a bit harder...who knows when we can be the answer to someone's prayer! :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like it was a nice week, right when you needed it too.

I know that I easily get caught up in my own life and tend to be a bit selfish sometimes. This is one thing I am working on.

On Sunday as I was sitting behind the cutest family, (she is recently baptized and they are SO adorable) I had the thought occur to me. Why don't you send them a note this week and tell them. I also thought, hmmmm I should make a regular habit of doing this just because.

Just a small way for me to offer love and friendship to others.

sheri said...

Great post!
I often get those urges like Amanda mentioned about sending a note during the week. Sadly, I don't do it often enough. It breaks my heart to think that maybe me sending that simple note would've helped mend a heart throughout the week. *sigh*
I'm going to do better!

No Cool Story said...

Excellent post. A good reminder that sometimes little things we do can make a big impact on others.

I was thinking about this a couple of days ago: I haven't watched the movie "Pay it forward" but for some reason the title just came to my head, then I had a chance to do something nice for someone.

Like you said, doing good brings sunshine to our hearts.
PS. thanks for visiting!

Hy said...

I often say, "Life is to short not to be happy." I should also add, " . . . and it isn't long enough to put off making someone else's brighter."

Great reminder. Thanks!