My Family

My Family

Friday, September 01, 2006

Labor Day

Quickly approaching....

It has been an extremely long week.
Pat has been at work early and stayed late every day.
He's also been busy with college, home teaching and Scouts.
It will be a blessing to have him home for 3 days.

We purposely opted to not go camping with friends this weekend, in exchange for what we hope is a quiet weekend at home.
Perhaps we'll picnic and geocache on Monday.
It sounds wonderful to me.

What are you doing this weekend?


Amanda said...

Have a great weekend! We were going to go boating with some friends on Monday, but unless the weather changes we won't be going. We rented some movies for tonight for an evening of family togetherness in front of the TV. lol

SalGal said...

We're headed to Apple Hill today and fall cleaning on Monday.

That's awesome that you guys geocache! We're saving as a family (quite slowly, alas...) for a GPS so we can do it!

Gabriela said...

I hope you have a nice, peaceful, relaxing 3 day weekend. Sounds like you deserve it!

(ok, have to ask, what is geocache???)

Amber said...

"Quiet weekend at home?" Does that really exist with kids? ;-)

Dana said...

It is your How Many States post that is throwing your profile, etc. off!


Kristine said...

Amanda--you'll have to let me know if the weather cooperated so you could go boating!

Salgal--I'll send you info. about the GPS unit we got if you'd like. Let me know.

Gabriela--you can check out geocaching dot com for history on the sport of geocaching...basically it gives our family an opportunity to hike together and find a "cache" hidden at a specific location. It makes it a treasure hunt for the kids, and a good exercise for our whole family. It is amazing how many caches are hidden worldwide...rurally and urbanly. We love it.

Amber--I don't think it will be quiet, you're right on that count!

Dana--Thanks for letting me know. I had thought it might be that, but was waiting to see once it was bumped.