My Family

My Family

Saturday, July 15, 2006


You know, when we moved here, we had gone through 3 or 4 vacuums during the course of our married life. We were disgusted. We would buy what we thought was a quality vacuum, spend somewhere between $200-300, and end up with a pile of trash within 2 years. (We did go almost 2 years not needing a vacuum because we lived in an all tile house, but was disgusting to realize our "investment" was not holding its own.) Downtown in this little town where we now live, there is a place that rebuilds and refurbishes vacuum cleaners. We checked there first when we moved here and found a Kirby vacuum cleaner. Granted, it's pretty old, and not as fancy as a newer model, but we got it for around $300. For 3 years, it has done a really good job, especially considering the fact that my whole house is carpeted now and NEEDS vacuumed daily (not that it gets done that often, but it does need it!) Lately, (since I took it in to be serviced), it's sounded like it was dying. Thoughts of past dead and dying vacuums flashed through my mind as I considered that regardless of whether or not we had bought quality this time, in the end the result was the same...another metal heap of junk.
Wanna know something? I was WRONG! P took a look at the clanker and pronounced the bearings had gone out on the brush. So, I called Dave at Vacuum Cleaner Specialists (VCS) and asked if there was a repair that could be done. While the answer to a repair was "No", the option was given to REPLACE the brush was given, and I jumped at that offer. I ordered Tuesday, the brush was in yesterday, and today, I put that new brush into the vacuum. Guess what? IT WORKS BETTER THAN EVER! (well, maybe not ever, but better than lately!) was only $30 to replace! Way better than buying a new vacuum! So, Dave is still on my good list, he didn't really sabotage my vacuum...and he provided a way cheap option for optimum productivity. Pat, utimately and finally, is my hero. I'm glad he's my honey, and that he knows a bearing problem when he hears it.

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me said...

My current vacuum has never worked well - it over heats in about 2 minutes and shuts off. This is a great excuse not to vacuum and an even better excuse to hire a service to clean... Could use a money tree.