My Family

My Family

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I love this absolute joy. And it comes from being able to get messy...without getting in trouble. We had huge puddles all over outside...and as you can see, we live on a dirt any jumping means mud splatters up the wazoo. But look at those faces...they make me smile just seeing them again! (Nathan in orange...and Thomas in blue).


bec said...

I say KUDOS TO YOU, MOM!! Good for you for letting your kids have fun with some of the simplest things in life. Put down the video games, go outside, and GET DIRTY!!

You know, there are still times as an adult (cringe) that I feel like getting dirty = hidden-depths-happiness emerges. Not to mention it being a stress-melter.

Dunno why...but I do know that great inspiration can emerge from messiness and random chaos (think painters, sculpters, inventors, etc...not so much mud tracks & loads of laundry). And which mother wouldn't agree that ridding onesself of some of the stress they're carring isn't inspirational?
It's absolutely necessary for everyone (kids AND adults) to be able to experience the liberation & joy of breaking some rules sometimes & running right past some's just absolutely imperative to know >when< and >which ones< it's okay to do this with. (You know, having the clarity to discern wacky fun & controlled thrill-seeking from the reckless, harmful, and eternally-damning behaviors.)
See? All that responsibility of having to be able to discern (& teach your kiddos to discern) the right decisions for yourself & themselves is just calling for you to get some fresh air, give yourself a break, and stop by the soccer fields on your way home from running errands or buying more freakin that you can run through the sprinklers. You're allowed. Your scheduled meetings and visits with people tonight won't mind - they should relish in the joy you're eminating with your frizzy hair and smeared mascara! And if they don't, it just means they're long overdue for some sanity-refreshing rule-breaking. ...However, I don't suggest pulling them outside & spraying them with the hose, no matter how unhappy they seem, or how much YOU have enjoyed your day of sprinkler-jumping-and laughing-til-you-drop. (It simply hasn't proven a good way to make friends....which is quite disheartening, actually.)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Moms who let their kids get dirty are just plain awesome. Good for you. We're all washable, after all.

Your boys are adorable.