My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Slavery vs. Responsibility

The kids don't go back to school until Monday.
They have spent the vacation technologically stimulated.
Movies, computer, more movies,
and every now and again, a game on mom and dad's Nintendo DS.

This morning I told them no technological distractions until they cleaned up some of the after-Christmas/New Years chaos.
It was a good plan.

It just wasn't enough.
They were supposed to clean the whole house for me.

I'll settle for their bedrooms, and their end of the house being relatively liveable again.
Thanks guys!


Karina said...

That is how it is over here too, but I love it. We did something out of the ordinary and went to a indoor jumphouse arena named Jump Town. It was lots of fun and we got lots of exercise.

SalGal said...

Is that what I should've done? Darn...

Seriously though, our apt. is so small I'd be the one being punished, not them!

Is it January 9th yet??? (time for my kiddies to get back to school)

Comejolo said...

I then turn the question around on myself. Is keeping the house clean, doing laundry, cooking ect an act of slavery for me. I can let it be or it can be a glorious act of service, as teaching my children work is an act of service as well. Often it is easier to do the work rather than to teach responibility.

Pat said...

And teaching...yeah, that's it, teaching.

We're such good parents!