My Family

My Family

Monday, January 22, 2007

Faith Like a Child

It's amazing what happens when a storm is due and your child prays for a snow day.
The majority of that snow fell on Sunday night.
It's the most snow I've seen fall in one night since we moved here 3 1/2 years ago.
It's hard to tell, but that "snow-woman" is buried up to her middle.
The kids are a good 6 inches into that snow.
Those would be the boulders out front.
It's hard to see where they end and the other snow begins, but I think you get the idea.
Yup, that's up to the bumper in front.
No, I haven't tried to get out yet.
That will be an adventure, won't it?
That would be the hood of the van, with Emily measuring the snowfall.
Another pretty good picture of snow accumulation on the chairs out by the trampoline.
For those of you who have been here, that's our backyard...right above the "cave".
You can't see any of the rocks out back.
The coverage of snow is beautiful...and so needed here in our "desert".
(It doesn't feel very desert-like today!)
There is more snow in the forecast.
Potentially through Thursday.

It was snow day #2 for the kids.
(They had Friday off too due to the 4 inches that fell then.)
They are a little restless and bored...
Stephen actually told me he was ready to go back to school tonight.

If tomorrow is a snow day, or a 2 hour delay day, I'll be looking for ideas of things to do.
In the snow, inside, wherever.

Here's to a substantial snowpack in our mountains this year!


bec said...

I'm so JEALOUS!! I've been craving snow ice cream like CRAZY, and Bahama Bucks shaved ices are just NOT the same. I need the real thing.
We got snow here in Mesa, too, but only enough to tease my craving. Very uncharacteristic to get the snow...& kinda pathetic to hear how excited we were about a quarter of an inch. It's awesome to see your pictures - thanks for posting them!! I certainly don't envy the frigid temperatures you are having to put up with.
P.S. Emily - you are BEAutiful!

Jamie said...

I'm jealous, too! The kids have been dying for snow. Of course, I have no idea where anything suitable for snow would be, so maybe it's a good thing. Have fun!!!

Papa J said...

It'd be more beautiful if I wasn't gasping and wheezing from trying to get the Van unstuck!

I love where we live though so I'll take the bad with the good.

Karina said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That is like twenty times what we get here in Texas. We were lucky to get the snow/ice that we did last wednesday. The most like snow I remeber seeing. Most of the time it is just ice. The pictures look great (and so do the cousins).

SalGal said...

Quit hogging our moisture! It's bad enough that almost the entire orange, lemon, strawberry, avocado & lettuce crops were destroyed, now we're going to have a drought, too! Rain has not been forthcoming as it has in the past...

I am glad that you'll have what you need, though!