My Family

My Family

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Does being unable to go anywhere constitute being stranded?
Actually, it's not that I CAN'T go anywhere, it's just I'm choosing not to.
So, I guess that doesn't fit actual stranded status.

The van got stuck, spinning out in the snow, 4 times yesterday.
Twice I dug it out myself...
Once I just rocked it back and forth (you know,, turn the wheel a touch,, etc.)
And the last time, Pat was home and he and a neighbor pushed me out.
Seriously, a pain in the butt every time.

I am grateful to be in a warm home.
I am grateful to have food to eat.
I am grateful to live where I live, in a secluded little piece of what we call "heaven".
I am grateful for the knowledge I have for getting a vehicle "unstuck".
I am grateful that we got enough moisture in snow form to leave a significant snowpack in the mountains and bless our land in the summer.

But it can melt already.
Past the icy, messy, slushy, get stuck no matter what stage.
I like being able to go places.
A lot.


Karina said...

Sorry you feel that way (and that the snow has melted). Hopefully, for you, it will be all gone tomorrow. Hopefully, for the kids, it snows again.

Perry said...

Whatever you do, just don't invite the missionaries over for dinner! We all learned they have not been blessed with the same knowledge as you on getting unstuck... Or not getting stuck in the first place... I guess that was mud, not snow, but it was mud FROM snow. The garments I wore that day are STILL discolored after 3 years of bleaching!

Papa J said...

Let's face it though. We've both gotten the best workout either of us has had in years.