My Family

My Family

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Let Go!

Those are my almost 2 year olds favorite words right now.
It applies to almost everything...
when someone tries to take his toys (mainly dvd's he's popped out of the cases),
when I'm holding him and he doesn't want held,
when I'm changing his diaper.

Funny how sometimes I want to yell it too!
(Doesn't every mom at some point?)
If not, you are a saint!


SalGal said...

I think those two words are the most frequently repeated ones out of my mouth every weekday morning!

Karina said...

I say those words quite often when my brothers grap my stuff.

Sarah said...

The whole "let go" concept is so funny with little kids. They make such a big fuss about not needing us but tend to freak out if we actually take them up on it.

My two year old made a big stink today about changing her diaper "BY MYSELF!" I said sure, tossed her the diaper and started walking out of the room. She struggled with the buttons on her onesie and then demanded that I come back in the room and "help me do it by myself!"

We get no credit I tells ya!