My Family

My Family

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Vacation Day 4 (I'll write about 3 tomorrow!)

Becca, this picture is for you....they are called "cosmos". I can still see them all over Grandma's these same colors!
Since I can't type above the pictures, I'll do this in reverse order...describe these pictures of day 4 and then go back to day 3. That picture is at the Albuquerque Aquarium...and that is a sting ray getting lunch. Very interesting to watch...the sting rays would swim right up and eat the squid from her hand...she shoved it all the way down their mouth. I have better pictures of the whole sting rays, but this one was more interesting.

This was at the Botanical Garden adjacent to the Aquarium. Huge pumpkins and carrots and mazes made this VERY fun for the kids. The stroller we borrowed broke in the process of walking through the mazes though. That was sad.
A picture of a sea turtle in the largest aquarium.

One of my favorite pictures of the vacation. My kids were entranched by the aquarium action.
A picture in the gardens.
This is on the porch swing of the KOA cabin that we stayed in on Sunday night and Monday. We did not take any pictures in Santa Fe at our KOA cabin there on Saturday night...or on the plaza Saturday afternoon.
A fishing trawler outside the of the few pictures of all 6 kids.

And below, a picture as we headed back from the farm back into the gardens.


SalGal said...

I LOVE cosmos and dahlias! Great photography. I'm also a big fan of sea turtles. How did you get such great pics through the glass?

Karina said...

I would have loved it too! Wish I could have been there.