My Family

My Family

Thursday, October 05, 2006

This and That

The 4th card...I'll make 12 of these, bringing my total to 24. I hope to create 2 more designs, one a birthday card, and the other an all occasion card. I'll post pictures of them too. I thought you'd like to see my injured Thomas as of yesterday morning. He had a run in with his 11 year old brother on the trampoline on Friday night. Those brusies were turning beautiful colors yesterday, and are even more yellow today.
Yesterday afternoon, we were at a friend's house for about 20 minutes. Thomas decided to jump on their trampoline. He fell or slipped and hit the metal frame, as he was getting off. That cut (scroll down to see it) under his eye was gaping about 2mm open. Definitely something that needed to be treated. It doesn't look bad in the picture, but that's because it got glued shut. He's home from school today so I can keep an eye on it. He's been a trooper...but I have yet to decide if the benefit of the glasses outweigh the liability it presents to the soft tissue surrounding them. This makes the 4th or 5th cut Tiny has sustained by falling with glasses on. (Although this was the first that needed medical attention.)

Needless to say, yesterday afternoon was not spent making cards.
This is funny. It makes me smile. This is my family watching a video about pancakes.
They all sing along, and shout what is happening next...very funny, and I couldn't resist capturing it on camera. We have our own little video of the family sing along too.

I miss all of my daily blogs I if I haven't commented this week, it's just because of my choice to walk the line between sanity/insanity a little more than usual.
I'm hoping next week will be back to "normal" (whatever that may be!)


SalGal said...

Yellow means it's healing.

I LOVE the new card!

Going back to bed now. :-D

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Ouch on the eye! Hope it heals soon. The card is cute and so is your fam. : )

Dawnyel said...

Awww...sad bruise. They always make me cringe! Poor guy! (I wonder about the glasses thing too!)
Your card is so cute! :)

Jamie said...

I'll have to post the lastest bruise Anneliese got- her whole eyelid was swollen. And she did start looking like she was wearing eyeshadow as the swelling went down, lol. That pancake video fits your family to a tee!

Sarah said...

Before I got contacts I must have broken 5 pairs of glasses by flying objects to the face. I swear I was more prone to cranial injury when I had them on.

My mom finally got me some of those big plastic "rec-specs" but honestly, if I wore those things to junior high gym class I would have lost any cool factor I had struggled since kindergarden to obtain.

Tiny can't help but be cute - even with gapping facial wounds!