My Family

My Family

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fairy Party

Bekah had a birthday party to attend today.
This particular family (the Gough family) always has very fun themed birthday parties.
Today it was the "Fairy Party".
Bekah could not stop talking about it ALL day.
Thank goodness we had this dress-up costume from our local Wal-Mart clearance section!!

She had a wonderful time and made a very pretty 4 year old fairy.


Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

What a cute little doll! She has a great smile!

Amanda said...

What a sweetheart! Sounds like so much fun!

The Lazy Organizer said...

She's the prettiest fairy I've ever seen! I'm always mad when I'm not invited to those parties. I want to dress up too!

Perry said...

That is too cute, and by cute I mean TROUBLE! With a capital T that rhymes with B that stands for Boys! Don't give me that "she has twelve years until she starts dating" crud. You better tell that twin of mine that if he doesn't have his shotgun ready and waiting, he is a poor father! I've got mine ready to go.

Jamie said...

She looks so much like her sister! She's growing up way too fast! Too cute!

Pat said...

Don't forget, all of the dressup wings in our house are broken so she was a wingless fairly like Elina in Fairytopia.

But if anybody named Nalu shows up I will have to get out the shotgun. (Just to shine it up a bit.)

Karina said...

"Lucy" lopks very cute. Tell her cousin Karina said that. Give my regards to the others too. And tell Uncle Pat and his brother to stop fighting like two year olds. I'm twelve years old and my daddy hasn't had to "pull out the shotgun" once!