My Family

My Family

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Have you ever smelled skunk musk?
I'm sure the answer is yes...and it STINKS.

Multiply that smell to a highly concentrated level, and you'll know what my bedroom smells like right now.
Stronger skunkliness than I have ever experienced fills every corner of that room and now permeates my whole home.

I'll be leaving in a little while to run some errands, but if you smell a slight skunk odor on someone as you walk by them today, think of me.
And feel a little bit sorry for them.


Perry said...

Maybe now you have reached the threshold to finaly tell "Mr. P" that he needs a bath...

Sorry, maybe suburban Atlanta is not so bad after all!

Amanda said...

Oh that is awful! Hope that it goes away REAL soon.

Pat said...

Though you can't see the fumes
that waft through the air,
the skunk left his mark
with eyewatering flair

This gives one more story
't'will be shared years to come
We'll shake heads and we'll laugh
That dog is so dumb!

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Dawnyel said...

What? How did you manage to do that!? Ick! I hope your eyeballs don't burn out of your head! (The one time I smelled FRESH skunk smell it nearly did!) *hoping for a fresher smell!*

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want to know too, how did the smell get in your room? Is there a skunk loose in your house? Or did it spray right outside your bedroom window?

Yuck. I'm sorry. Ihope it goes aways soon.

Kristine said...

Dawnyel and Gabriela....
We live in a home that has space underneath. The skunk must have sprayed directly underneath our bathroom. We actually slept in our girl's room and kicked them out. We ran fans all night and it is COLD in our room today...with a lingering skunk smell today. Seriously the worst spray I have ever had the *wonderful* opportunity to experience!! I seriously believe it will have permeated every piece of clothing in there...I just love adventure like this!!

Jamie said...

Once at girl scout camp we were sleeping in raised platform tents and my bandanna fell to the ground during the night. A skunk came by and only my bandanna had the smell still on it. The bad thing was that the bandanna was my lunch bag for that day. eww.

The Lazy Organizer said...

We live next door to a mink farm and let me tell you, it stinks! Not as bad as living ON TOP of a mink farm however!!!