My Family

My Family

Friday, December 15, 2006

Isn't there a Rule?

That mom and dad can't be sick at the same time?
Sneaky, nasty flu pretended to be gone for 3 whole days...and whammo!
down for the count in one fell swoop.

That leaves Nathan (unless his hooky day was the real thing, and it was just more mild than the rest of us), Samuel (I'm not looking forward to a 2 year olds reaction to the stomach flu), and Rebekah to be hit...
but it also means we will more than likely miss a ward party tomorrow night,
and a fun activity planned for Sunday evening.

C'est la vie.
I just want to feel better.
Anyone want to come help?


Sarah said...

Ah! I just read this post and immediately ordered my husband to get his flu shot today. My kid and I already got ours but when he gets sick (since our apartment is so tiny) it's almost as bad as everybody being sick. I'm SO sorry you guys fell under the knife on this one! Movie time!!

Karina said...

Sorry you're going to miss out on that. Sorry you got hit, but at least it is before Christmas. We'd come over and help if we lived nearer.

SalGal said...

Wish I could bring you a dinner, or some of the yummy goodies I just made!

The good news is, this flu doesn't last long. I had it last weekend and it literally was 24 hours and gone.

Feel better soon! (((hugs)))

Gabriela said...

Sorry!!! I think there should be a rule that moms NEVER get sick.

Hang in there! :)

Dawnyel said...

If there isn't a rule about it, there should be! I'm sorry you've not been feeling good! I hope you get better soon! :)