My Family

My Family

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Makes Me Feel....


Slowly but surely, we are readying our home for that most wonderful time of the year.
The tree is up, decorations to follow later this evening.
My table has a new centerpiece that I love.
(I picked it up at a craft fair for a most excellent price!)
The nativities are out, Baby Jesus has been lost, and the Christmas books are readily available.

Shopping is all but done, and Pat informed me that he has decided on MY gift!!!
(Not to be selfish, but it is nice to have at least one surprise under the tree...and that hasn't always happened!)

Baking will come next, but for now, I am just enjoying the season...with very little stress.
How are your Christmas plans coming?
Oh, and my sweet visiting teacher dropped this off with popcorn balls inside. As you can see, the children made short work of the treats, but I LOVE the bowl!


Stacey said...

You're right - the bowl is very cute. I find popcorn balls a bit too tough for my taste, but give me carmel popcorn any day!! We get our tree tomorrow, and my husband will probably add a few more strands of lights outside (to join the other 2,000 that are up...NOT kidding). We're looking forward to doing our baking when the kids are off for break (after the 15th). Good times!!

Kori said...

It all looks wonderfull. Enjoy!

Sarah said...

We haven't has a fireplace or hearth in over 6 years and I'm getting lonely for stockings! I'll have to think of some creative way to incorporate them this year... I LOVE yours!

Karian said...

Everything looks very nice!! I love your Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas!