My Family

My Family

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cookbook Craze

I got 3 new cookbooks for Christmas.
1. Better Homes and Gardens NEW Cookbook (My first of their kind...I've always been a Betty Crocker girl)
2. Simple Slow Cooker Recipes (also by BH&G)
3. Cheap. Fast. Good. (by Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross)

It's a little humorous though, while cookbooks make very interesting reading material for me, it seems a bit difficult for me to actually make something new.
I feel wasteful putting good ingredients into an untried recipe.
I guess ultimately, I lack a bit of courage.

So, instead of salivating over the pages and then never coming back to try that particular recipe, as I peruse my new cookbooks, I'll do it with post-its or paper in hand, and mark the recipes that appeal to me on first glance.
I'll be sharing any fabulous finds with you!


Jamie said...

I got the Cook's Illustrated for 2006 and I'm so excited to read it, too!

Pat said...

Don't worry sweetheart. I feel no guilt ruining good ingredients and making the children starve. You'd think that I take personal satisfaction in hearing "I don't like this" for how often I cook my 'experimental' meals. At least now I can follow a recipe!

Kor said...

I love you guys!

Sarah said...

New stuff is overrated. Our neighbors made us chili-pepper flavored brittle with pumpkin seeds for a Christmas present this year. It wins the award for originality, but it was nasty, nasty nasty. Give me the old standards anyday!

SalGal said...

I read cookbooks for fun. I love imagining how all the flavors meld together. Delish!

Comejolo said...

I use cookbooks to get ideas of what goes well together but rarely follow the exact recipe. I have found though after some flops that there really is some chemistry involved and there are certain things you should never leave out or put in. When I venture away from the speghetti or Mac and cheese and get asked what is for dinner the pat answer is "Creative Cooking with Coleen" - if they like it great! (but never expect it to be exactly repeated because I have no idea how much of what I have put in.