My Family

My Family

Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Tis the Season...

to ignore the blog...

Sorry I've been MIA.

We now know:
My sister is officially single again (annulment granted yesterday).
I am allergy-ridden by some unknown dizziness-inducing allergen.
My Thomas can only see 20/100, EVEN with his glasses.
And he is FULLY color-blind too.
I have a Primary Activity day to pull off on Saturday (time for some finishing touches!).
DirectTV has a screaming deal on Broadband Internet and TV programming (basic package +10 dollars...way better deal than what we pay now just for broadband)...IF you live within a specific area (otherwise it's EXPENSIVE!!).
It costs a lot to fill a full-sized van's gas tank...but MAN, am I grateful to have a vehicle and money for that gas.
I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping...YIPPEE!!

Just thought you would like to know.

See you tomorrow!


Karina said...

Sorry about "Tiny" being color blind, but glad you have your Christams almost done. (If your in te right area, take the DirectTV deal.) And tis the season right back at you! Love you!

Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about Tiny. Great that you are almost done with your christmas shopping. I haven't started yet. Yikes!

Dawnyel said...

Wow! Lots going on in your household!
I love it when I forget my blog...even if it's for a moment! :) We totally understand!