My Family

My Family

Monday, November 20, 2006


Have you taken the time this season to compile your list of things you are grateful for?
I thought I would today.
This is only a partial list...done in 10 minutes....(I set a time limit so that I don't keep going on...)

My husband
My children
My relatively good health
Good friends (online and off)
Functioning vehicles
An adequate (if somewhat messy) home
My own washer and dryer to clean those clothes
My testimony
My ability to read
My love of writing
Good examples in my life
A computer
A refrigerator
A television
A Wal-Mart in our town
A hospital near-by
Amazon (thanks to that site, I've just about completed my Christmas shopping)
A testimony of Christ and His Atonement
Knowledge of where I was before I came to Earth
Knowledge of where I am going after I die
Good Mail
A mother who stood for the right
A sister who is one of my best friends
Extended family whom we love (Hyrum, Lorin, Keith, Diana, Coleen, Dave, Oliver, Perry and families)
Random Acts of Kindness
A kind word
A smile from someone I know
Answers to prayers
Trials that make me stronger
Crocs for my feet
Susan surviving breast cancer
My husband's poems
Kisses (especially from my kids)
Foot rubs
Back rubs
Audio books
A sincere compliment
Days at home, not so busy
The ability to make cards and other things
Remote controls
Vacuum cleaners
New paint
New floor in my bathroom
Secondhand clothing shops
Pierced ears
My education
Running water
Heat in winter
Air conditioning in the summer
The ability to travel quickly compared to our ancestors

Compile your own list in 10 minutes, and link me in so I can read it!

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