My Family

My Family

Monday, November 27, 2006

Health Update

I went in for an ENG today...essentially it is a test that measures my eye movements in different situations to evaluate how my inner ear is working.

I threw up because it made me so dizzy and nauseous.
I got out of 2 more tests because throw up=end of test.
I was relieved.
And I hadn't eaten anything because I knew they were trying to make me dizzy...

I didn't have to wait for results, which was a relief.
My MRI came back clear (which is a GOOD thing).
No tumor, chance of upcoming stroke, or disease that effects the inner ear.
All good news.

The diagnosis is that I have allergies that have caused swelling in my inner ear, and essentially the dizziness is a type of migraine-like reaction that occurs as a result of the swelling.
I'll go in for extensive allergy tests, and see if we can narrow down what I am allergic to.
At that point, if possible, I will eliminate that allergen from my life and see if I can function without a daily antihistamine.
Otherwise, I'll be taking a Claritin every day of my life just to function.
I am grateful for it, even though I don't like the thought of taking it EVERY day for the rest of my life.
And, I am grateful for the things we now know the dizziness is not caused by.

More fun blogging to come...


Karina said...

Glad that is resolved! I hope the allery isn't something hard to get rid of. Mom and Dad were kidding it might be dog, or cat, or mabye even *gasp* CHOCOLATE! NOOOOOOO! (you spining down the drain of life screaming)NOOOOOOOOOO!

bec said...

I am so excited that you don't have a brain tumor or upcoming stroke or stowaway blood clot!!! Have you celebrated?! Cuz you should.
But not with strawberry cake & ice cream. You've already been there with the midnight upheavals of dessert.
Maybe just with saltines & club soda. In pretty wine glasses & on china.

Sally that Grrl said...

Oooh... that saltines comment makes me want to make saltine toffee...

SO glad everything's (mostly) all right! I hope the allergy tests work for you, and I hope it's to soemthing like, cleaning, so you can get out of that for the rest of your life instead of (oh the horrors) chocolate!

Perry said...

Glad to hear you are tumorless. I've had my questions ever since you made the decision to marry Master P there! That's it, maybe its the shaved peach fuzz setting off your allergies! OR, the glare comming off that head making you dizzy! OK, I'm sure glad he knows that I mock him because I love him. Truth be told, he would be the first one I would call after my wife in times of need.

I hope they find what is giving you trouble. From those who have had their homelife forever altered by severe allergies in the home, our thoughts are with you.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear it is just allergies. I hope they can narrow it down to something simple for you to take care of. Hang in there!

Hy said...

Live long and prosper. I am very glad in was "just" an allergy. I hope that you quickly find successes in determining the allergen. Our prayers are with you. (We decided that if a vote were held, that house work was at the top of the list for desired allergens.

Gabriela said...

What a not fun test! Good news though, eh? Hopefully they can figure out your allergen.

Dawnyel said...

I'm so glad you're healthy (well, relatively speaking!) Hopefully you won't be dizzy for too much longer! :)

Jamie said...

Glad to hear everything is relatively okay. Allergies are a pain, but if something had to be wrong, I'd go with them over everything else! And since you can get generic claritin, you've doubly lucked out.

Ummm, saltine toffee....I just had it for the first time on Thanksgiving. Thanks Sally for making me hungry, too.

Coleen said...

Nelson would breakout quite often and we went to specialist after specialist and just got told "we don't know" - very frustrating! An immunologist (spelling?)told us he was allergic to himself and the staph dust that he put off. We were to start washing sheets once a week, take vinegar baths every other night (everyone in the family), do a VERY deep cleaning of the house and then keep the house emaculate with a disinfectant cleaning weekly (this is not Coleen as you know) but after doing as told (at least most of it) Nelson's skin is clearer than it has been in years (and my house is cleaner than it has been in years).

SandyM said...

I'm so glad to hear it's nothing serious. When I lived in Phoenix, the dept I worked in at Good Sam Hospital did that test. Oh my, I saw my share of people stagger out of the office or have the clinician wheel them out after just a couple of minutes of that test. You're one tough cookie!